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Initiation and Sublimation

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My runners are starting to touch upon places and subjects where the big and powerful Magi, Technomancers, and Shamans play.  So, by game definition how powerful is powerful?  I know that the average SINful wage-slave thinks any Magic is scary and powerful.  But what do the Shadows think?  When do we go from "Talented" to "STAY THE FRAK AWAY YOU DREKHEAD!"?

Caine Hazen:
I found the first time my players kinda pooped themselves was the Toxic tradition guy with 9 magic and 4 initations.  Of course being that he just had corrupted a layline to 1 point of his own tradtion probably helped.  I'm sure that with the combo of meta magics I used that my players likely would ahve still crapped themselves at a lower magic rating.  Its all in the presentation ::)

You know, watching that fight, I was waiting for the Shoggoth's to come out, such a disappointment.. :D

Well, consider that I saw my players geek a pair of Troll Initiate Security Mages(2 grades of Initiation, 8 magic) with an
assault gets really hard to know....Unfortunately, in my experience, my players are likely to
just go "You bastard" and then bring out the "we've been carrying these for when the defecation hits the
rotary oscillator" weapons....and blow up half the building...

Caine Hazen:
Well when the force 6 inhabitation earth spirit "gugs" came out I added a little fun.  The players had to make composure 4 rolls to look at them.  That + immunity to normal weapons did cause a few problems for a few heartbeats.  The force 10 Ligore showed, all bets were off.  Fun times were had!


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