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Hi, Iím starting an online shadowrun game and I would like to find a few more players.

This is a great game for beginner player due to the fact that all of my current players are new (other than me of course).  Thus it will be as laid back a game of shadowrun you may ever play, but it will ease you into the game so you will be ready for more hardcore groups in the future.

Of course if you are a veteran and would like to join, we would be happy to have you.  Something vetís may need to understand is that because this is a game for new players pvp (player versus player) will not be allowed (but normally I allow as much pvp as the players want(unless we get to the point of picking on someone)).

How the game will be played.

I host an online webinar so that other can view my computer screen.  This is because I wrote a dice rolling application and I want people to be able to see what they have rolled.

Also you must of course have a microphone.

With the exception of the microphone all the other stuff is free.

And feel free to ask me questions.


Iím happy to work with new players on making their first character (or 100th) if they want advice.

I've recently received some of the books as a gift and would love to play in a newbie friendly game. How should I contact you to work out a character?

I made a new character, i'm game for trying this.  I'm a bit young though, so take that into account.  Also, I don't know how to work my laptop's microphone.  Contact me at  also what's a webinar?

What is that status of the team? What do we have, what do we need, what kind of campaign we doing? Combat heavy? Roleplay heavy? Interpersonal communication and networking going to be important or would I be better off building a troll with an assault cannon?

I have made several characters and fiddled with them over the last few years. I've played in a few campaigns that didn't last more than a few sessions. I definitely want to get more experience and enjoy a longer-term campaign. I would like to learn more about matrix activity but that is a pretty deep part of the game that would take a lot of time to pin down.

I would be very interested in some game online. new to the system but fairly familiar with the setting.


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