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Finally got at least one of each adept 'type' with the addition of <<Ethereal>> Dryad Warder [Sum-10 Prime]

Added some Anarchy adepts to the beginning of the thread!

It has been a long time since I've put an update here as the platform has been unstable for a while...but I have been maintaining the archive and updating some of the old adepts as new qualities, powers etc have become available.  It can now be found here:

Archive of Adepts

The archive is still going strong and now has a couple of 6E adepts added to it...more to come as more books become available

You can find it here:

Had a major reworking of the archive and I've clearly separated SR6 adepts from SR5 and SR4.  Haven't got many SR6 adepts up yet but more will follow!


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