My spirit 400 point build and intro story!

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---This is my entry story to the Spirit PC I created over the weekend, being my first story it is rough as hell and not really up to the standar you would find over at the Fan fiction area, so I will keep it here with his stats.----

The shades of color that enriched the astral world faded into the drab of the material plane was still the biggest disappointment Rasheidon had of this new existence. Quickly the Fomorie(1) formed a body of a Firbolg(2) out of his natural Elven like form, male of average height and weight would suffice, so as to blend into the streets of Renton.

Scanning the streets was always confusing for Rasheidon, all the neon lights made no sense to his manifested mind, though his creator the walker of Righ explained that it was called Augmented Reality. Yet why someone would use their energy to augment their fantasy life before they would raise the standard of their physical life would always baffle him!

Yet working his way down the street gave him clues that he was in the right area, even the right block and switching back to the astral allowed him to communicate with Lavor.

“Watcher report back to master that I have found the building, I shall enter and finish our business in Seattle!”

 With the quickness of thought the watcher faded into the astral plane, and Rasheidon switched his focus back onto the material plane, taking steps up to the 4 story building Rasheidon saw the two poli ganger’s   step up to him, weapons held at the ready.

“Hoi drek head, clear out” came one's response to his approach to the building. Yet Rasheidon ignored him, concentrating on the second member and quickly overcoming his will. Sending an impulse out to this weak willed member of metahumanity resulted in his gun arm rising and firing off two shots into the back of his friends head!

Another moment and he focused on his mind and again overcame his will, and the gun rose to the ganger’s own head, it only took one shot this time!

Walking over the bodies he opened the door into a spray of gunfire, yet these gangers lacked both the accuracy and firepower to overcome his own immunity to weapons. One by one they repeated the actions of the two gangers outside till the hallway stood quite!

Following the hallway till he got to a stairway leading down is when Rasheidon found his first test, a ward stood out to his dual nature, blocking the way.

Assensing the ward took but a moment, and he found it to be formed by a weaker magician. Focusing his will he slowly pushed himself through the ward, and down into the basement.

Upon entering the small area he found his target, laid out on a wooden table the small form of a young elf stood out among the three humans that surrounded her. Though prepared for him, they did not count on his spirit nature and their physical spell blasts hit his area right after he materialized back into the astral world.

Reemerging behind one of the men Rasheidon hit him with a manabolt, pumping enough power into it to shatter his life force. As one man turned to his position Rasheidon was overcome by the fires that seemed to irrupt around this human, turning him to ash almost instantly.

From the entrance of the room another form appeared. Elven appearance in upper body, the resemblance ended at the lower arms and lower torso. The arms ended in massive crablike pincers, each shinny with venom. It’s lower half turned into a dragon like body complete with four legs and a tail. Yet the scariest feature where it’s eyes, which burned an unnatural black fire.

The third human tried to cast a manabolt into this form, but the energy was dissipated by this spirits overwhelming Will. Flowing forward on his four legs, Raijun closed his pincers around the screaming form’s neck, quickly silencing him.

Speaking up Rasheidon “elder, did I disappoint in any way that would require your assistance?”

Looking over at the younger spirit Raijun radiated a chuckle with his mind, “no Rasheidon, we are pleased with your progress. I bare news from the Walker Righ, he wishes you to stay here in Seattle, representing his interests when needed and growing in power as you make pacts among the mortals here”

Continuing to talk while approaching the small Elven child, “The Righ has switched a property here in Seattle to your pueblo Sin, and left an account of 5,000 ¥ for any immediate needs. Also there are further instructions once you get seattled” Flowing healing energy into the child Raijun concluded the conversation “I will take the child back to Santa Fe, we will meet up later to discuss specifics of your future latter on”

Rasheidon was elated with this news, faded into the Astral to find Lavor who would take him to his new home!

---Wow, so this was very rough. I will post it as is, but I hope to clean it up and make it somewhat better later on. I will also post this PC spirit stats as an edit later tonight. Good day chummers. ---

Name: Rasheidon   
Street handle:
Build point total: BP 400
Total Karma: 0
Current Karma: 0
Street Credit: 0
Notoriety: 0
Public: 0
Sex: Male   
Height: as needed
Kilo: as needed
Meta type: Free spirit (250BP)
Ethnicity: Former Guidance spirit   

Attributes: ------------Score:   Modifiers:               
Body: -------------------- 2/5                      
Agility: ------------------ 2/5                       
Reaction:    ------------- 2/5                      
Strength:    ------------- 2/5                       
Charisma: ------------ 4/5 (20 BP)                     
Intuition: -------------- 2/5                        
Logic: ----------------- 2/5                      
Willpower: ---------- 4/5 (20 BP)                        
Essence:    ----------- 5
Force/Magic ------- 5 (30 BP)                           
Edge: ---------------- 5 (30 BP)                        
Character game information:
Total initiative: ---------------------- 4
Initiative-pass ---------------------- 2
Astral initiative: --------------------- 4
Astral I.P. ---------------------------- 3
Physical attack rating ------------ 9
Stun attack rating ---------------- 10
Armor rating ------------------------ immunity to normal weapons/ 10 hardened
Close combat attack:   
Composure: ------------------------ 8
Judge Intent: ----------------------- 6
Lift/Carry:    --------------------------- 4
Memory: ----------------------------- 4
Perception: -------------------------- 2
Movement: ------------------------- 10/25

Positive Qualities:
•   Erased------------------------------------------------------------------------- (-5)
•   Trust fund (Middle lifestyle) --------------------------------------------- (-10)
Negative Qualities:
•   Enemy (connection 1/incidence 4) [Dreven Phoits Druid]--------- (+5)
•   Prejudiced (Magicians who mistreat spirits: Actively) --------------- (+15BP)
•   Sinner (Pueblo) --------------------------------------------------------------- (+5)
•   Vendetta ------------------------------------------------------------------------ (+10BP)

Racial Notes: Magician, banishment resistance, Immunity to normal weapons, spirit pact powers, Dual nature,

Spells: Heal (3BP), Mana ball (3BP),

Tradition: Path of the wheel: Former Guidance spirit. Drain attribute

Powers:   Influence (2), Mutable form (1), realistic form (.5), Guard (.5), Divining (1)            

Active Skills: ---------------------------------Rank----------ATT: link-----------------------Dice Pool
Assensing 3 (12 BP), ------------------------- 3----------- 2 -------------------------- 5
Astral Combat 2 (8 BP) ---------------------- 2----------- 4 -------------------------- 6
Spellcasting 4 (16 BP) ----------------------- 4 ---------- 5 -------------------------- 9
Influence group (rank 2)                        
o   Con---------------------------------- 2----------- 4 -------------------------- 6
o   Etiquette   -------------------------- 2----------- 4 -------------------------- 6
o   Negotiations----------------------- 2----------- 4 -------------------------- 6   
o   Leadership------------------------- 2----------- 4 -------------------------- 6

Knowledge Skills:
Magic phenomena------------------------- 2----------- 2 -------------------------- 4
Magic background------------------------- 2----------- 2 -------------------------- 4
Magic theory-------------------------------- 2----------- 2 -------------------------- 4
Astral research----------------------------- 2----------- 2 -------------------------- 4
Spirits: --------------------------------------- 2----------- 2 -------------------------- 4
The path of the wheel lore-------------- 2----------- 2 -------------------------- 4

Language Skills:
English (N)

Weapons / Weapon Accesories / Ammunition:

Armor / Clothing:    

Additional Equipment: 5,000¥

Total spent:   
Lifestyle:  LP: 15= middle (5,000$)
 Comforts: 3               , Device   
o   Drone       Size    Accel    Speed    Rating    Pilot    Body   Arm    Sens    Avail Cost
o   BusyBuddy    Small    5/15    15    2    1    2    0    2    2     2,000¥
o   Horizon LeafMan    Medium    3/10    10    3    3    2    1    3   2     4,000¥
o   Aztech. SafeNSound   Small    5/20    40    3    2    2    1    3    2   3,500¥
•   You have a full bedroom set, a matching living room set, and a full subscription to a virtual wall space program with virtual weather and virtual windows. You have three or four useful drones, such as the BusyBuddy, including drone or virtual pets.
Entertainment: 2
•   You have a subscription to a few trid shows, music, or casual AR gaming sites with a vanilla avatar. Date night consists of a show at the local simsense theatre and dinner at the soy-noodle stand. You hang out at the local hole-in-the-wall club & bar with synthahol and recorded music. You make a monthly visit to the barbershop or low-end salon.
Necessities: 4 (300 square meter condo) 5 = food
•   Evo Life-Management Series (High) Response 4, Signal 3, System 4, Firewall 5
•   HMSS: Rating 4, IC rating 3 standard
Neighborhood: 3 (13564 37th Ave S #37, Tukwila, WA)
 Security: 3
•   Device Rating: 3
•   Professional Rating: 3
Examples: Biometric maglock with anti-tamper technology on all the doors; embedded wireless alarm, smoke, and fire detection system on all windows and doors; trained security guards patrol the building 24/7; main building doors have functional maglocks; security drones or even a big, hairy dog.
Notes of lifestyle:  Trust fund

Graven: THE PATH OF THE WHEEL Magician (Connection 3, loyalty 4)

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Um, how did a spirit get a trust fund?

Never mind.  I reread a little and I think I answered my own question.
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So i found a couple errors today, I kind of rushed getting the stats up. Essance would be 5 = to force. And the lifestyle would not have any draw backs or perks


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Just a note on the AR bit too... I thought spirits had no ability to interact with AR or VR in any capacity what so ever. What they would see is people waving their hands in the air touching... nothing.

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Now that you mention it.....

I think the only way spirits can perceive/interact with AR/VR is if they can possess a body and then use the body's own nervous system.