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[IC] The Tell-Tale Heart

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You drive towards the motel, making good time, but passing right by a knight errant armored patrol unit. They pay you no attention, as far as you can tell.

Not many people out and about tonight. It doesn't snow real often, but, when it does, the majority of people around Seattle fear having to drive in it. There is a black smoke blowing through the air, probably from a burning building somewhere nearby.

You pull into the walled parking lot of the "Sleep Inn" motel. This is the kinda place with bars on the windows and several locks on the doors. The office is off to the side and the light is on, though, from where you are you cannot see anyone at the counter.

A dark figure looms above you on the motel's second story walkway, smoking a cigarette and watching you as you pull in. From what you can tell, you might guess it to be a male human or ork in an overcoat and hat.

Terry: "Got yourself a deal. Hold on." *Pause* " Metal teeth, huh? Okay. Well this may take a few. I'll call you back when I've got something. I gotta go. I've got another call. Bye."

Thanks Terry

*Parks Bike and heads over to the office. Rings bell if there is one knocks on door otherwise*

Belial pulls his AK and makes a show of standing guard while Kali goes into the office.  He also flips his cybereyes to low light vision and takes a better look at the figure standing above the team.


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