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[IC] The Tell-Tale Heart

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Looks over at Belial, lol you know better than to do chrome on credit.  Those chummers don't play around when it comes to their money.

Jim, we are over here bro.  Come and join us.

"Drek no I didn't get it on credit.  I bought it full.  But it hurt my bank account.  A guy has to eat and I'll be damned if I'm going back to an all soy diet." Looks over to Jim. "You better have something good for us Chummer.  Plus, like a repo-man would get past the door.  I know where to hide bodies."

Santero, Jimmy's aura is varied. It's difficult to read as he is experiencing both positive and negative emotions. Fear, hope, desire, caution?

"Good choices. That'll just be a few minutes."

Jimmy slides into the booth, pushing into Kali and forcing her to slide over and make more room.

"Hey guys."

He looks around at the three of you quickly, then turns in his seat, calling out loudly "Hey gran-pa, I'll have the irish hot chocolate! And don't skimp of the whipped cream this time!"

"Comin' right up, kid." The old man shakes his head, muttering something to himself.

Turning back to look at you, Jimmy lights up a smoke and puffs hard on it several times.

"So I've got some good news and some bad news. What you wanna hear first?" He taps his cyberware index finger on the table anxiously.

Kali pushes back.  Don't think so chummer.  No pushing me around.  Have a seat in the open seat.

Just spill Jimmy.  What is in the wind?


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