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[IC] The Tell-Tale Heart

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"Oh Jimmy, you better not be stiffing us for this last job. I know just the vacant building that will ensure you are never found."

( OOC Rolling intimidation to put a little more fear in jimmy 3 Cha + 2 Intimidate 5d6.hits(5)=1)

Kali nearly pushes him out of the booth altogether, but he repositions himself without complaint, then blows smoke at her in playful retaliation.

"Hey, easy, tough guy. My boss wont let me pay yah until you go an' see 'em. He's got business. Important business. The kind the could be worth alot t' yah, know what I mean? He wants to see yahz all tonight."

"Alright Jimmy, where and when does he want to meet?."

Belial used his smartlink to flip the safety off his Predator IV.  Never can be to careful he thought.

After Jimmy give us the meet location and leaves: (or if he doesn't leave I will send this as a text to the rest of them)

Guys who would you like to do the talking for the yen?  I have a way with people and can boost that a bit.  But I can boost either of you if you would prefer.

((OOC: Nope. Don't try to jump ahead please. You don't know what is going to happen yet. Remember that we are focusing on roleplay, not how fast we can get this thread over with. Karma bonuses for putting extra effort into roleplaying and writing. ;)))

((OOC: Also, if you ever don't think that your character has alot to say or do quite yet, you can always wait. After giving everyone a certain amount of time to reply I move on. This way, while you're in a group, all three of you don't have to reply every time if you don't want to (In some situations). Just so you know.))


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