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It's dark out now. The city's lights illuminating the snow as it falls from night skies to blanket the asphalt parking lot below. It's a normal tavern, a bit run down but the staff are nice enough for this part of town. A big red neon sign out front reads "RESTAURANT", it's warm glow reflecting off of a few vehicles. Smoke and old jazz fills the mood lit room.

It's been a long day. The job went nice and easy. Just a security gig. The usual trade-off of stolen goods for cred chips. High risk and low pay, but business has been slow. It's always slow in East Redmond, seems like. Every crook and runner around here has dreams of making that big score, but it never seems to come along.

The three of you sit in a padded booth, gathered around a table, talking as you wait. Jim is supposed to be here any time now with the cred. Says he's got big news. You haven't known him long, but so far he seems pretty on the level. Jimmy "Nine Fingers" is a fence, as well as your contact for the job.

An older black gentlemen in a sweater approaches the table, asking you if you know what you want to order and offering a warm smile. Behind him you can see Jim unceremoniously bursting through the door as he awkwardly flips his scarf back into place. He squints and surveys the diner, searching for you.

((OOC: Some info. You've worked together before once or twice, but this was the first time all of you have worked together at the same time. Until today you had never had the chance to speak much, so you do not know eachother well.

If you have any questions at all I'd be happy to answer them.

Just know that there are no tracks in this game. I wont punish you for doing something I don't expect. Just try to roleplay your characters somewhat realistically. And remember if I do something wrong you should call me on it.))

Belial looked up at the waiter.  "Beer, whatever you have that is cold."  He looked a Jim and shook his head he would let the idiot search a little bit before he called him over.  He looked over to the others. "What do you think Jim's news is and how much will it pay?" He kept on eye on Jim the whole time.

Kali watching Jim, I'll have a rum and soda. 

Jim's news had better be big Belial.  I am tired of small.  Want to move on. 

"No joke Chummer, its been months since I've done real biz.  This small time drek is starting to wear on me.  Plue," Belial motioned to his cyberarm, I've still got to pay of this new chrome."

Santero looks up at the waiter, "lo de siempre compai....i'll have a cuba libre"
Once the waiter leaves, he leans into Belial who's sitting next to him in the booth and puts his arm around him, his face widening into an infectious grin.

"Coņo meng, looks like if we don' get paid soon my man Belial is gonna get a li'tul visit from da repo-man"

.....his eyes simultaneously focusing across the room on Jimmy.

[OOC Assensing test to get a feel for Jimmy's emotional state and whatever else he can see: Assensing 3 + Intuition 3=6 6d6.hits(5)=4....nice!  Next time i'll make sure to use Santero as my user name on Inivisible castle.]


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