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Another Rainy Night now out--what's lurking on the streets of Denver?

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--- Quote from: Michael Chandra on ---A big detail here is that R&G changed weapon modification rules compared to SR4. So what kind of slot, if any, would a Personalized Grip use?

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I'm assuming it follows the same rules as the Gecko grip in R&G.

Patrick Goodman:
That would be my guess, too. Once I get my books handy, I'll look things over.

The Masked Ferret:

--- Quote from: martinchaen on ---Wait... there's gear in Another Rainy Night? Where? My kindle version doesn't have any gear listings?

Just flipped to the end of Sail Away, Sweet Sister, and I don't see any gear there either. Am I missing something, having bought the books on Amazon?

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This only happens if you bought the 'Enhanced Fiction' version

Yep; I got the kindle edition which didn't have the stat block. But, it's been made available online, at least.


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