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Another Rainy Night now out--what's lurking on the streets of Denver?

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Our latest enhanced fiction product, Another Rainy Night (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), is now out, with an original story by Patrick Goodman and rules and stats to support the material. Here's the dirt:


Every day in the Sixth World people die in a thousand different ways. Every day blood is spilled. Every place that rain falls, it washes away some of the red that stains the streets.

Eliminating every killer in the Sixth World is as impossible as drying up every raindrop in a storm, but Thomas McAllister doesn’t want to get rid of all of them. Just one. He’s been on this killer’s trail for a while, and he knows he’s getting closer. The only question is if he’ll be able to handle getting as close as he’s about to be, or if his blood will join the stream that regularly flows into the gutters of the sprawls.

Another Rainy Night is part of Shadowrun’s enhanced fiction line. It contains an original short story, along with game information to use elements of the story in your game, including stats for the major characters and new gear introduced in the story. Gamemasters and players can do more than become immersed in the fiction—they can make it a part of their gaming world.

Another Rainy Night is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Read it, loved it! A new shadowy group enters the stage!

Spectre Zero:
Just read it, very well written. loved the supporting cast.

Patrick Goodman:
Glad you guys liked it.

Needed more explosions.  ;D


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