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>>>>>[They say the Lady ends the suffering of those near death, either at their own hands or by the ravages of disease. She hunts the streets at night, but never takes the unwilling.]<<<<<

--Faust (18:16:14/01-19-74)

>>>>>[Just wondering if she is someone worth knowing. Which streets has she been sighted on?]<<<<<

--Ferret (20:27:12/ 01-21-74)

>>>>>[I know not where she makes her lair, but if one is near Capitol Hill, and looks close to taking their life, she will appear. Those who live in the gutters love the Lady, and will see to it that none harm her.]<<<<<

--Faust (22:41:34/01-21-74)

>>>>>[Something tells me she's the type you'd only want to know if you're willing to end it all.  Uncle Murphy looked up some information on her after...  Well, never mind.  If you want the details, PM me.]<<<<<
      --  Murphy (23:18:10/01-21-74)

>>>>>[Maybe we need to have this 'Lady of Mercy' pay a visit to a certain policlub..]<<<<<
--Ferret (18:02:12/ 01-25-74)


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