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That would be telling. But you won't find her by looking for her by name...

The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Ommmm .....

Just upstarting this.  Always wanted a better timeline software/application to track this stuff.  I miss Lester Wards (ie; Wordmans) material and time he used to have in the game.

Lewis Greywolf:
Question / Request
In Sprawl Wilds page 42, Ashes starts of with "it's a pivotal event" and "define the destiny of the Ork Underground" but I can't find any offical follow-up. Does anyone know what the canon outcome is? And what's the date for Ashes? (I was thinking April 2075, right after Carbon Copy)

What happened to the Professor from the Changeling book?

Was he ever referenced again?


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