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Cap's first appearance was, I believe, in NAN vol. 1. He acts like a sysop in NAN, and he definitely serves as the "host" of Neo-Anarchist's Guide to Real Life (products 7202 and 7208 respectively) though it's not explicitly stated that he's a sysop. He's identified as one in Denver.

Thanks James.  I wasn't certain exactly when he started posting regularly, just that he wasn't in the first few books.

Cap may have been - there was someone called 'Control' in the earliest books.

The Wyrm Ouroboros:

--- Quote from: FastJack on ---
--- Quote from: Wakshaani on ---"Buddy" made it out of the Crash Virus alive, but with a wide array of psycotropic issues. He never recovered, and finally died in 2050. Until his death, he was active as a decker in the shadows. (Possibly an old writer's PC? Dunno.)

Keith "The Suit" Hannigan worked for Fuchi, but was snatched by Mitsuhama Computer Technologies in 2046 and hasn't been seen since. (hmmm...)

Erica "Static" Rutledge became a Shadowrunner.

--- End quote ---
Keith "The Suit" Hannigan and Erica "Static" Rutledge both had their profiles posted in Virtual Realities, the 1st Edition SR sourcebook for all things decking (FASA 07107, published 1991).

Update 2: CanRay informs me that Buddy's story is in the novel 2XS.

--- End quote ---

Couple of things.

First, Buddy is not a 'him', but a 'her'.  She was a neurology student and researcher at the University of Washington, wound up with bipolar disorder, and was killed by Black IC in '2XS', which (though I originally thought was concurrent to the UB adventure 'Missing Blood') is actually in 2052, and plays with CrashCart -- which Yamatetsu buys up after the 2XS debacle.  She is whom I was thinking about before -- and we never get her actual name, so far as I could discover.

Second, I'd forgotten that both Hannigan and Rutledge have their profiles in the original Virtual Realities -- or, more accurately, in the short story about Rennie and Dr. Halberstam that is the second half of it.  Both the Suit and Static were part of the Echo Mirage tech team.

Which means that we have only one example (Buddy) as to what the Crash virus did to people who weren't left as total vegetables -- and, actually, the one person whom we know for certain was an EM decker.

In my personal opinion, that makes for one commander (Gavilan/Knight), four techs (Hannigan, Rutledge, Roper, and Eld), and one decker (Buddy) who made it out alive of whom we know the names, and one (Alice) who died.  I'm not entirely certain whether or not Kyle Haeffner was on the Echo Mirage team in some way; I vaguely remember him being so, but I can't nail down why I think so yet.

I don't have time, and am a bit too beat up mentally, to go through 2XS right now (I have two copies for some reason), but IIRC, it was 2051 or 2052 when the book happened.


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