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The PACKS metatype costs threw me at first glance too, but they are actually fairly simple.  They take the base metatype cost, and you get the Attribute increases that go with it.  Just like build points so far.  Where the difference comes in, is that atttributes that are capped lower are actual penalties, which get subtracted from the base metatype cost.  So Fastjack did it correctly.  The pixie, for example, costs 35 points, and has -60 points in Attribute penalties, for a result of -25.  Xapiri Thp cost the full 45 points, because they have no negative modifiers to bring that cost down.

One thing I would add is that the infected and some of the innately magical types would not qualify for any of the technomancer kits, since they can not take the technomancer quality.


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I am confused by the Packs why wasn't this in the Runner's Companion?  I agree with what you guys are saying I am just trying to figure out why it wasn't in the book.
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It was created as a 'simplified' character creation and included as a booklet in the Runner's Toolkit.
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Just going through this, and it occured to me... A ghoul could make a HELL of a Druid.... I mean, no negative to Int, and a bonus to Will that would make most dwarves envious... Top it off with that kind of strength and body, and you have a Druid that just won't go down.... And eats you afterwards.

The ultimate in recycling ...!

Also: Pixies make scary-good spellcasters, if they pick up a Charisma tradition.  Soft-cap their Will and Charisma, and you're dropping 14 dice against drain ..... no foci involved.


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And by fluff, a ghoul shaman is prettt understandable. Especially spider or rat. Spirits sustaining armor or Will buffs would make up for the ghoul's astral vulnerability, plus, being dual natured, you've got a good counter against spirits in melee.


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« Reply #20 on: <06-13-12/1406:32> »
I had a particular ghoul PC in a game once. She was a martial arts expert who was just about to tear into a spirit, but the game dissolved before we could see how well she'd have shredded it. I kinda wish we'd have gone juuuust one more session so I'd have a hell of a story to tell.  :'(