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Lord Scythican:
OK first post (of many). I guess I need to get my most pertinent questions out of the way first.

Right now I am creating a Cyberzombie villain for my campaign.  After reading through the Augmentation Rulebook, I found out that is is possible to have a character with -6 Essence. With a number like that, adapsin, biocompatibilty, and Deltaware, I could probably make one hell of a character.

So I decided to test the character creation skills and see just how uber/munchkin I can make this guy. If he is ever introduced in the game, he will be similar to a resident evil tyrant type character and will need a bomb dropped on him to take him out.

Now I am using a complete obvious cyberlimb body, with customized attributes, and enhanced attributes. I am giving this guy a bulk modification as well. Seems like I can fit a lot of cyberware into this guy. Now the thing is, at first glance, I am not sure I can even utilize the full 12 essence (-6 from cybermancy). To me, if I take a full cyberlimb body for the NPC, I will max out at 6.25. With Deltaware, Adapsin, and biocompatibilty, I will be looking at a final score of 1.875 because of the 10%, 10%, and 50% reductions. Huh?  ???

I wasn't sure if I was to add them all together and multiple the essence by .3 or if I was supposed to compile them one at a time, but regardless if I use this percentages, I am going to get nowhere near a maxed essence.

I can use the capacity slots for all the guns etc right? So I will not need their essence costs correct?

To me this doesn't seem right, so I think I am doing something wrong.

If needed, I can post some of my calculations when I get home this evening.

The Essence cost is right. Now you will see the true power of the Dark Side. MWUA-HAHAHAHAHAHA


Let's see if we can jam-pack this dude (going to assume he's human):
Cyber ModEssenceCostRight CyberArm [Bulk +4, Customized (maximized to B6/S6/A6), Cyberarm Gyromount, Retractable Elbow Spur, Enhancements Armor 1/B+1/S+1/A+1 (12 Capacity used, Bod 7, Str 7, Agi 7)].3463,000¥Left CyberArm [Modular, Bulk +4, Customized (max'd to B6/S6/A6), Cyberarm Gyromount, Retractable Elbow Spur, Enhancements Armor 1/B+1/S+1/A+1 (12 Capacity used, Bod 7, Str 7, Agi 7), Drone Hand, Grapple Hand].6513,930¥CyberLegs [Bulk +4, Customized (max'd to B6/S6/A6), Cyberskates, Hyrdraulic Jacks (R6), Enhancements Armor 1/B+1/S+1/A+1 (14 Capacity used, Bod 7, Str 7, Agi 7)].61,023,000¥CyberTorso [Bulk +4, Customized (max'd to B6/S6/A6), Enhancements Armor 3/B+1/S+1/A+1 (9 Capacity used, Bod 7, Str 7, Agi 7)].45441,000¥CyberSkull [Enhancement Armor 1 (2 Capacity used)].225153,000¥Eyeband [R3, Eye Recording Unit, Flare Compensation, Image Link, Low-Light Vision, Smartlink, Thermographic, Vision Enhancement (R2), Vision Magnification (12 Capacity used)].1590,000¥Cyberears[R4, Audio Enhancement (R3), Balance Augmenter, Damper, Ear Recording Unit, Increased Sensitivity, Select Sound Filter (R5), Sound Link, Spatial Recognizer (16 capacity used)].3370,000¥Attention Coprocessor (R3).0990,000¥Commlink (Fairlight Caliban/Novatech Navi, R4/Sig5/F3/Sys4).06115,000¥Datajack.035,000¥Encephalon (R2).45750,000¥Invoked Memory Stimulator.06500,000¥Math SPU.04545,000¥Olfactory Booster (R6).0660,000¥Orientation System.0612,500¥Radar Sensor (R4).09120,000¥Auto-Injector (Reusable).035,000¥Biomonitor.0910,000¥Titanium Bone Lacing.45400,000¥Internal Air Tank.0756,500¥Magnetic System.07512,000¥Wired Reflexes (R3)1.51,000,000¥Total:5.796,184,930¥
Ahh, Cybered out... What else can we add? Why, the Nanotech adds to the Cyber Essence!

Nano ModEssenceCostNanohive (R6).6600,000¥Anti-Rad (R6)-9,000¥Implant Medics (R6, Hard)-9,000¥Neural Amplifiers (Limbic R3)-15,000¥Neural Amplifiers (Neocortical R3)-15,000¥Oxyrush (R5, Hard)-5,000¥Trauma Control System (R6)-12,000¥Total:.6665,000¥
Phew... That brings the total Essence cost to 6.39. Just crossed into Cyberzombie-ville! But wait, there's more!

BiowareEssenceCostAdrenaline Pump (R3)1.125900,000¥Dragon's Hide Orthoskin (R3).425970,000¥Pathogenic Defense (R6).3600,000¥Platelet Factories.1250,000¥Cerebral Booster (R3).3300,000¥Damage Compensators (R12).61,800,000¥Mnemonic Enhancer (R3).15225,000¥Sleep Regulator.075100,000¥Trauma Damper.1400,000¥Total:1.905* 3.1755,545,000¥
Wow... Since it's the lower of the two, you only use half that Essence cost (0.9525* 1.5875), so your total Essence is now 7.9775. Hold on... you mentioned Adapsin. That means Gene tech.

Whoa... The essence tacks on to Bioware costs, so again, it's only half (0.8 ), which brings our final total of Essence cost to 8.7775. Of course, the nuyen cost is 12,569,930¥. Just over two Six-Million Nuyen men!!

(oh, and you can look up all the benefits of this stuff... It scared me. ;))

*Oops... Calculated Bioware essence with Adapsin and Biocompatibility, when it should be just strait Deltaware since those two only affect Cyber or Bio not both. Still, the overall essence is still way above the -12.

**You'll notice the Gene therapy's Essence costs are NOT modified since the Biocompatibility does not apply, the Adapsin effects only essence cost AFTER it's been completed and there's no Delta-grade. I figure they get the Gene therapy out of the way first when it comes to making a Cyberzombie.

um.  I have one piece of advice...


FJ, you scare me with your shenanigans.  I think I would enjoy playing in one of your games. !   ;D

Lord Scythican:
Exactly! I would want this to be the perfect cyberzombie. Of course one's interpretation of perfect may be different than mine, but would want this guy deltaware, biocompatitbility, the works. The creation would be backstory so I wouldn't worry about how many mages died trying to make this guy. BTW I am still working on a post for one arm. I am taking what you have and adding some other stuff. Not too sure what I am doing, so bear with me. 

EDIT: My post after this, was supposed to be my reply to your's fastjack. Once I noticed that you replied again, I went ahead and made the next post with my comments, etc.

Well, you could jam some more stuff in, but a lot of it just overlaps with other stuff. And remember, that cost is only the equipment side. The Magic side of the equation involves heavy mojo like high Initiate grades and magic lodges. Not to mention a metaplanar quest to the Plane of Death. So, it's a huge risk on the part of the group creating the zombie.

This is built on Delta grade 'ware and finding an individual with Biocompatibility. Removing just that quality from the C-zombie brings the Essence total up to 10.9075. And if they use Beta grade ware and no Biocompatibility, the Essence jumps up to whopping 15.8025. This dude we're talking about is their idea of the perfect subject.


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