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Convert old SR2 Character to SR4?


I haven't played since 2nd Edition and I have a favorite character that I would like to try to translate to SR4.  I've seen where there were rules for converting from 2nd to 3rd, but wondered if there was an equivalent for converting to 4th.  (I could go through the convert to 3rd and then to 4th, if I had to.)


I don't think there is one that skips 3rd.

If you know your total karma its recommended you rebuild it using between 400 and 450 BP + your Karma.
For 2e I would use Edge(4e) for your Karma Pool(2e) and Magic(4e) for your sorcery skill (2e) with taking the average rating of your spells (2e) for your sorcery skill (4e)
Reaction should be about 1/2 your combat pool.
Logic/Intuition can also cause some problems but I think you can eyeball it.


--- Quote from: FastJack on ---I don't think there is one that skips 3rd.

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Yeah, I was thinking of doing a conversion to 3rd and then 4th, sorta like using an upgrade from Windows XP to Vista to upgrade to Windows 7, since you can't go directly from XP to Win 7. (unless you just to a fresh install, and I don't wanna start my character from scratch.)


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