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One thing that was introduced in Unwired are Software bundles and suites. You get a group of programs together, and either they cost less, or they use less processing space. So here are a few software bundles I put together. Feel free to add your own or critique mine.

"Gunslinger" - Designed for combat drones, this bundle has Defense 3 and Targeting 3 Autosofts (2400 nuyen)

"Hunter" - Designed for drones who need to track down enemy units. Chaser 3, Infiltration 3, and Trailblazer 3 Autosofts (3600 nuyen)

"Sniper" - Designed for hackers and spiders who prefer to attack without being seen. Attack 3, Black Hammer 3, Stealth 5. (6400 nuyen)

I could use more of these since I've never played a decker.


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