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>>>>>[Hello, folks. Sorry I haven't been online in a while, but I had to go back to Texas for a few weeks on a freelance job. Anyway, since I've come back, I've noticed there aren't many stories of interest for us wizworm types, so I thought I'd start up this Magicknet copy until the original is back online. Moderation is controlled by the normal mods, though, so don't expect me to bail you out if you contract a nasty virus or worm while you're here (hell, I can barely understand how my commlink works half the time).

Anyway, if you've got some unique stories to share about the Awakened world, this is the place to do it. I'll get it started. On my most recent job in Texas for a company that rhymes with "Bone Bar," I was hired on as a freelance forensic shaman to help track down a murderer who was going through the local joyboy population like mom's five-alarm chili through your digestive tract. No one really cared about the joygirls at first until the son of a local official was counted amongst the dead - apparently, he was doing some "freelancing" on his own to support his tempo habit after Daddy cut him off. Since I've had experience with cases like this, they brought me in to assense one of the crime scenes and help track down the killer.

To make a long story short - and since I'm not sure what the wordcount cutoff here is - after several days of investigating and assensing some of the creepiest crime scenes in astral space you'll ever see, we tracked down the killer to an abandoned warehouse in the Dallas industrial area. The killer was some kind of rogue mantis spirit, if you can believe that. Whether she was by herself or the sign of a larger nest in the area, I don't know. I just tracked her down, helped take her out, took my creds and ran.

Thing is, the murders of the Joyboy Killer have stopped, but now there's another serial killer out there following the original killer's M.O. I don't know if it's a copycat killer, another insect spirit, or if the original mantis gave us the slip somehow, but... well, if I were you, I'd be careful cruising around Dallas for the new few months. I never thought I'd say this, but I'm glad to be back in Seattle.]<<<<<
      --Texas Tarantula (09:59:21/09-21-72)

>>>>>[Nice to see the 'Net back up and running.]<<<<<
      -- KageZero (15:22:24/09-21-72)

>>>>>[Yeah, but no idea for how long. Hopefully the real Magicknet comes back on soon - as far as I know, this place is being held together with chewing gum, bailing wire, and old AOL source codes.]<<<<<
      -- Texas Tarantula (16:35:01/09-21-72)

>>>>>[Had a teammate aim me this way recently when he saw me fumble around dealing with some Astral. Anybody got a FAQ for those of us who Awakened _after_ getting some headware stuck in?]<<<<<
--TekDrake (18:23:11/09-21-72)

>>>>>[There's an old runner (like I'm a young chicken) named Twist out there. He was on a corporate fast track and had some headware when he first heard Dog's song. I know of a couple others, but most either burned-out or faded away. I had a ... accident on a run and wound up with a cyberhand, so I know a bit of the loss. But from what I know of those with headware, the headaches do get better, but only if you continue down the path.]<<<<<
      -- KageZero (17:26:26/09-21-72)


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