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I would like each of you to post your full characters here for review and reference. Please make sure that they are organized and easy to read. If you aren't finished with them yet then please let me know. I believe everyone is done though.

Name: Santero
Alias: Hermes Horacio Valdez Medina
Race: Elf
Sex: Male
Nationality: Caribbean League (Cuban)
Lifestyle: Low ( 1 month paid )
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description:  Here's a face portrait

    Santero is an Afro-cuban elf who is quite literally bursting with different personalities. At the tender age of five began the first manifestations of Loa (spirits) which would force their way into his body to walk the earth for a few hours. Such a talent is quite valued in his community and he was always present for religious ceremonies.....but it was quickly seen by his community that perhaps in Santero's case, it was instead a curse for him. Being such an ideal vessel for the spirit world, forced possessions were a daily burden for the poor boy and not until he was well passed puberty did he begin to commune with Papa Legba (his mentor spirit) and learn to spiritually defend his body against unwanted use by denizens of the meta-planes and only bequeath the use of his body to those servants of the Orishas to whom he chose to call out for help. But as a result of this childhood trauma of constantly housing so many beings he never really developed a cohesive personality of his own which isn't full of contradictions. Most of time you will find him telling jokes in a thick cuban accent spoken through an almost perpetual smirk. He either has to be drinking rum and playing rumba or out on the street finding some adventure to jump into. It's almost impossible for him to resist a thrill... his habit of snorting Novacoke doesn't help...and he will follow his whim's at the drop of hat. But just as quickly he will look up and you will see a complete stranger in his eyes....many times perhaps even a stranger from another plane. He is eternally grateful to Papa Legba for teaching him through his Babalawo to control and harness his powers and use them to protect and heal his community. When it comes to pleasing the Orishas he puts all games aside and will sing and play his bata into the wee hours of the night....thanking each one for the blessings they give.
He lives in a little shack in a caribbean enclave of the Redmond barrens called "El solar" where he and his people try to create a little pocket of sanity in that destitute part of Seattle through a strong sense of community and worship.


Body: 3
Agility: 3
Reaction: 4
Strength: 1
Charisma: 4
Intuition: 3
Logic: 2
Willpower: 5
Edge: 1
Magic: 6
Essence: 6
Initiative: 7/1P

Mentor Spirit - Eshu a.k.a Legba (same as Trickster: +2 Illusion spell,+2 Con, Composure (2) to not play prank) -5BP
Addiction (Mild) to Novacoke +5BP
Incompetent with computer skill (just uses program rating for action) +5BP
Geas - Must perform music with bata for Legba each day +10BP
Thrill Seeker +5BP
Signature (Leaves a small cowry shell) +10BP

Active Skills:
Spellcasting (sp. Health) 5  
Ritual Spellcasting 1  
Assensing 3  
Astral Combat    1  
Pistols (Sp. Semi Automatics) 1  
Summoning (Sp. Guardian spirits) 5  
Banishing 2  
Binding 2  
Con (Sp. Fast talk) 1  
Artisan- afro-cuban music 1  
Infiltration (Sp. indoor) 1  
Perception 2  
Counterspelling 4  

Knowledge Skills:
Black Markets (Sp. Magical Items) 1  
Magic Background (Path of Lukumi) 1  
Street Rumors 3  
Street drugs 1  
Barrens gangs 2  

N: Spanish
English 3
Yoruba 2

Implants: none

Improved Invisibility (Realistic, Single) (F/2+1)  
Stunbolt (Direct) (F/2-1)  
Heal (damage-2)  
Increase Reflexes (F/2+2)  
Physical Mask (Realistic, Multi) (F/2+1)  
Chaotic World (area) (F/2+3)  
Physical Barrier (area) (F/2+3)  
Levitate (F/2+1)  

Tradition: Lukumi (treat as Voodun)
Possession based manifestation of spirits
Spirits: Combat=Guardian, Detection=Water, Health=Man, Illusion=Guidance, Manipulation=Task
Drain: Willpower+Charisma

Foci: F3 Health spell sustaining (Cowry necklace with a pendant of St. Michael)
Bound Spirits:
F6 Guidance Spirit - 3 tasks
F6 Man Spirit - 3 Tasks

Metalink Commlink (Res 1, Sig 2)
Renraku Ichi (Sys 2, Fire 2)
Sim module
Lined Coat (6/4) -nonconductivity 3
Hammerli 620S ((4+1)P 5/20/40/60 AP(-1)RC-1 6)
10 clips explosive. Ammo
nice clothing
Armor clothing (4/0)
subvocal mic
Glasses rating 3 -Flare compensation, smartlink,thermo
10 hits of Novacoke
Low Lifestyle
Certified credstick
Fake SIN 2
2 Stimpatches rating 6
1 Trauma Patch

Starting Cash=3d6x50 nuyen 3d6=10....500 nuyen

+Wellington Segundo - Babalawo (Loyalty: 5 Conn:3 )
The reason Santero left Cuba and went abroad is because Papa Legba slowly guided him through several people and signs which eventually lead to Seattle to study with Wellington who is the only Babalorisha who was ever able to teach Santero how to control the possessions. Santero loves him like a father and is part of his Bembe (worship) group. Wellington is a about 5'4'' 56 year-old heavy-set afro-cuban human male who's attire of a wife-beater, shorts and a flip-flops effectively hides the awakened power he truly has. He is very much loved in his little afro-caribbean enclave in the barrens and he has been known to be an effective spiritual leader to many local leaders and gang-bosses and has negotiated several truces.

+Abel Maldonado - Fixer (Loyalty: 1, Conn:4)
He's a fixer who works as a mid-level corporate exec who introduced Santero to shadowrunning. Upon hearing rumors of an individual with the talents of Santero, he scouted him to keep as a useful deniable asset. Santero makes him nervous sometimes because he's unpredictable...but it's impossible to deny that magical power like that doesn't come around everyday and especially not for the low rates that a rookie like Santero will work for.

Name: He's not sharing
Alias: Belial, Bob Johnson, Justin Blackmon
Race: Human
Sex: Male
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Middle (1 month paid)
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: 5'9", Brown Hair, Glowing Blue Cybereyes

Belial was a bored middle class son or corp wageslaves.  Much to his parents chagrin he decided to go to U-Dub instead of continueing the family buisness (sucking the corp teat).  One of his hobbies was going to the gun range. While at the range he befriended some elves that convinced him to follow his real dream, running the shadows or at least the trid version of running the shadows.  After a few harrowing runs, Belial got pinched by the Star.  He spend 5 years in prison for a failed extraction.  As it turned out the elves he had been running with had some connections with the Ancients.  While in prison Belial fell in with said Ancients and fueded with Halloweeners.  Instead of scaring him straight, prison had the opposite effect.  He was harder and more focus on the biz when he got out.  One of the first things he did when he got out was to continue his fued with the Halloweeners by participating in the war that the Ancients brought on the gang of psychos.  After the completion of that he went back to normal biz.  Untill he lost his arm in a run against the Big A.  Now with new chrome he is ready to work again.

Body: 4
Agility: 5(6 right arm)
Reaction: 3(7)
Strength: 3
Charisma: 3
Intuition: 4
Logic: 2
Willpower: 4

Edge: 3
Essence: 2.148
Initiative: 11/3P

Positive Qualities
Ambidextrous  -5
Aptitude Automatics -10
Guts -5
Biocompatability (Cyberware) -10
Bilingual (Elven) -5

Negative Qualities
Enemy Halloweeners +10
Vendetta Halloweeners +5
Distinctive Style (Glowing Blue Cybereyes) +5
Mystery Mod Noise (whirring in cyberarm) +5
Criminal SINner +10

Active Skills
Automatics (sp: SMGs) 5
Pistols (sp: Semi-automatics) 5
Longarms 2
Demolitions 2
Dodge 2
Pilot Ground Craft 2
Intimidate 2
Negotiation 2
Athletics Skill Group 1
Close Combat Skill Group 2

Knowledge Skills
Seattle Gangs 4
Seattle Arms Dealers 4
Seattle Mega Corps 4
Organized Crime 4
Strategy and Tactics 4

N: English
N: Elven

Cybereyes (3)
Flare Compensation
Low-light Vision
Thermographic Vision
Vision Magniication
Vision Enhancement (2)
Alphaware Reaction Enhancers (2)
Alphaware Wired Reflexes (2)
   +1 Body
   +3 Agility

   Internal Smartlink
   Sound Supresser
   500 Rounds
   Fake License (4)
2 Ingram Smart Guns
   500 Rounds a piece
   Fake License (4)
Ares Predator IV
   400 Rounds
   Fake License (4)
Ranger Arms SM-4
   External Smart System
   100 Rounds
Survival Knife
10 extra clips
3 Frag Grenades
Respirator (3)
2 Stim Patches
Lined Coat
Armor Clothing (Formal)

Novatech Airwave
Iris Orb OS
Mapsoft (Seattle) (6)
Fake SIN 1 (4) Justin Blackmon
Fake SIN 2 (4) Bob Johnson
Pro User Software Package
Earbuds (3)
Subvocal Mic

DocWagon Basic
Suzuki Mirage
100 plastic restraints

Starting Nuyen 2600

Bodyshop Owner 3/3
Fixer 4/6
Lillian. Elven night club Owner, Old friend from U-Dub. Former Runner. Made enough on a single job to retire while Belial was locked up.  Belial does not know the nature of the job and shes not spilling.
Ancients Mechanic 2/1
Ancients Boss (were locked up together) 4/4

Alias: Kali   
Race:  Souix
Sex: F
Nationality: NAN
Lifestyle:  M
Karma Spent:
Physical Description: Long raven black hair, deep chocolate brown eyes, redish brown skin
Personality/background:  5'10" tall female Souix Indian.  Long raven black hair, deep chocolate brown eyes.  Average weight.  Graceful movements.  Carries an aries predator 4 because she believes that it disguises her as not the spell slinger.  Wears a small braid to the right side of her face with a couple of eagle feathers tied to it at the end.  Also wears a belt buckle with a pack of wolves running across a moon forest scape.  Tends to wear leathers in brown and black.  Until she trusts people they only know her as Kali.   She tends to be very down to earth.  Does not like anything she considers un natural.  Toxic spirits, ghouls, ect are things she just wants to kill because they are just not right.

Reaction: 3(4)                               
Strength: 2                           
Charisma: 5
Intuition: 3   
Logic: 2
Willpower: 5
Edge: 3
Essence: 6   
Initiative:  5(9) +   
Magic/Resonance:  5
Init Passes: (4)

Positive Qualities: Magician, Mentor Spirit, Hawk Eye
Negative Qualities: Allergy Gold, Sensitive System     

Active Skills:
Sorcery                  4      
Conjuring                  4          
Assensing                  3                                    
Perception                  4                                       
Astral Combat                  3                                 
Pistols                              2                                                            Knowledge Skills:
Biology                  2
Seattle Street gangs      3
Security Companies      3
Security Procedures      2
Language Skills:     
English                 N
Souix                             5   

Increased Reflexes         
Stun Ball   
Stun Bolt                     
Power Ball   
Mana Ball                     
Mana Bolt                     
Increase Charisma   
Tradition:  Wolf Shaman
Spirits types:  Shamantic
Drain Attribute: Charisma + Willpower

Bound Spirits:

Contact lenses   :Image Link, Smart Link, Vision Enhancement R3,
Ear Buds:  Audio Enhancement, Select Sound Filter, Spatial Recognizer
Fake License   Rating  4      
Fake Sin Rating  4      
Auto Picker Rating  6      
Mag Lock pass key Rating 4      
Mage Sight Goggles         
3 months paid lifestyle      M      

 Comm link:    Fairlight Caliban   
Response: 4           Response: 4   
Firewall: 3                   Signal: 3       
OS: Novatech Navi    

Ares Predator IV   

Ammo           Qty   Armor   DM   AP   
Stick and Shock   2 cs   I         6S(e)   -1/2    
Gel rounds           2cs   I        + 2 S   +2   
Regular ammo   2cs   B                 
Auctioneers Business Suit   
Form Fitting Body Armor   
Armor Clothing   
Lined Coat   
Leather Jacket         
Vehicle  Harley Davidson Scorpion
Pilot: 2   Handling: 2
Body: 8   Accel: 15 / 30  Speed 120
Armor: 4   Sensor: 1

Terry Smith 2/3




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