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Currently Running: Get Rich or Die Trying

OOC: I've never played a play-by-post game, although I am thoroughly interested in trying it out

Commitment: I can usually post at least once a day, although this changes during fall-spring and occasionally I will not have access to the weberblaghs without any warning (rare).

Type: I would prefer to play a Mage. I can, however, make a character of a variety of formats. Failing a Magician I would also play a hacker, face, or technomancer quite willingly. Street Samurai is the one typology I would have the least desire to play.

Character Sheets: None as of yet, although I will be making them once I finish re-reading the flavor text of the game.
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« Reply #31 on: <06-23-11/1010:25> »

Character Concept: Anything!  Would like to try a dwarf street sam preferably but can create any type of character to fill a niche.

Availability: Usually able to post once a day Monday to Friday.  Weekends are usually to busy for me to post.

Any job is acceptable!  Will work cheap!  Willing to put in the hard work necessary to make it big! 
Shadowrun Is Cool!  I Am Not.:(


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« Reply #32 on: <07-19-11/0035:15> »
Status: Looking for Work

Streetname: TBD

Name: Jackson Hart
Specialty: Triad relations and smuggling in the greater Seattle Sprawl area and surrounding area.
Also good with: Relations in general, mechanics

Built on: 400 points (I hope)
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« Reply #33 on: <07-22-11/1616:06> »
Looking for Work

Mirikon Mollen (AKA Iceblade)
Metatype: Elf (30 BP, Low-light vision)
Sex: Male
Age: 40
Lifestyle: High (1 month)
Nuyen: 10415 (4d6+12=27, x500 starting)
Street Cred: 0          Notoriety: 0          Public Awareness: 0

Attributes (160 BP)
Body: 3(8 )          Agility: 4(9)          Reaction: 4(9)          Strength: 3(8 )
Charisma: 4          Intuition: 3          Logic: 2          Willpower: 4

Edge: 2 (10 BP)          Magic: 5 (40 BP)          Essence: 6.00

Initiative: 7(12)          Initiative Passes: 1(2)
Astral Initiative: 6          Astral Initiative Passes: 3
Physical Wounds: 0/10(12) (-0 mod)
Stun Wounds: 0/10 (-0 mod)
Armor: 6B/6I

Active Skills (102 BP)
Dodge 3
Blades (Swords) 4(+2)
Pistols (Light Pistols) 1(+2)
Spellcasting 5
Counterspelling 2
Summoning 2
Astral Combat 3
Perception 1
Con (Seduction) 2(+2)
Binding 1

Knowledge/Language Skills (15 free points)
Corporate Security Tactics 3
Magic Background 3
Safehouses 2
Magical Phenomenon 2

Sperethiel N
English 3
Japanese 2

Qualities (+15 BP)
Magician (15 BP) - Swordmage Tradition. Magic 1, Cast spells, summon spirits, astral project
Mentor Spirit (5 BP) - Shark. +2 to Combat spells, Water spirits. When injured or injures opponent, must make Will+Cha(3) test to avoid frenzy.
SINner (+5 BP) - Tir Tairngir SIN, Colonel TTPF
Geas (+10 BP) - Blade Geas. Must be touching bladed weapon to fulfill geas
Geas (+10 BP) - Ritual Geas. Must train for 1 hour each day to fulfill geas
Addiction (+10 BP) - Moderate Alcohol Addiction

Magic Resources (32 BP)
Astral Armor - Type: M, Range: T, Duration: S, Drain: (F/2)
**This spell has been limited so that it can only be cast on the caster.
Increase Reflexes - Type: P, Range: T, Duration: S, Drain: (F/2)
**This spell has been limited so that it can only be cast on the caster.
Manabolt - Type: M, Range: LOS, Duration: I, Damage: P, Drain: (F/2)
Icebolt - Type: P, Range: LOS, Duration: I, Damage: P, Drain: (F/2)+3
**This spell is identical to the Flamethrower spell, but with the Ice elemental effect.
Combat Sense - Type: M, Range: T, Duration: S, Drain: (F/2)
**This spell has been limited so that it can only be cast on the caster.
Heal - Type: M, Range: T, Duration: P, Drain: (DV)-2
Ice Slick - Type: P, Range: LOS(A), Duration: I, Drain: (F/2)+3
Orgy - Type: M, Range: LOS(A), Duration: S, Drain: (F/2)
Physical Mask - Type: P, Range: T, Duration: S, Drain: (F/2)+1

Bound Foci: 5 total force

Resources (26 BP) - 130000 nuyen
Frozen Wind (Katana) (22100 nuyen) - (STR/2+3)P, AP -1, Reach 1.
**Weapon Focus - Force 2. Add force to melee tests. Does normal damage on astral.
**Custom Look - Rating 2. Add +2 to tests involving reputation or intimidation. 1 slot.
**Personalized Grip - +1 to melee tests. 1 Slot.
<13 dice to Attack (10 dice Astral), 5P, -1 AP, Reach 1.>
Frozen Wind is the name of Mirikon's prized possession, a katana that has been customized to his designs, and has been enchanted as a weapon focus. The blade appears to be carved from unmelting blue ice, and is razor sharp. When viewed through AR, an icy mist seems to fall constantly off the blade whenever it is drawn, and glowing sperethiel runes can be seen, naming the blade. The hilt has been molded to fit his hand perfectly.

Moonlight (Katana Swordcane) (2200 nuyen) - (STR/2+3)P, Reach 1, -1 AP
**Custom Look - Level 2. +2 to tests involving reputation or intimidation. 1 Slot
**Personalized Grip - +1 to melee tests. 1 Slot.
<11 dice to attack. 5P, -1 AP, Reach 1.>
Moonlight is the name of Mirikon's katana sword-cane, which has been customized to his designs. The blade appears to blue-white hue, and, when viewed in AR, glowing sperethiel runes can be seen, naming the blade. In addition, the AR overlay constructs a 'trail' of white light in the path the sword takes that lingers for a couple seconds. The hilt has been molded to fit his hand perfectly.

Flamekissed (Ceramic Knife) (31175 nuyen) - (STR/2+1)P. Undetectable on metal detectors
**Sustaining Focus - Force 3. Health spells
**Custom Look - Level 2. +2 to tests involving reputation or intimidation. 1 Slot
**Personalized Grip - +1 to melee tests. 1 Slot.
<9 dice to attack. 3P.>
Flamekissed is the name of Mirikon's ceramic knife, which has been customized to his designs. The blade appears to have a reddish hue, and is razor sharp. When viewed through AR, the blade is constantly wreathed in fire whenever it is drawn, and glowing sperethiel runes can be seen, naming the blade. The hilt has been molded to fit his hand perfectly, and the knife has been enchanted as a Sustaining focus.

Yamaha Sakura Fubuki (4100 nuyen) - 4P, SA/BF, (1) RC, 10(ml)x4 ammo. BF recoil treated as SA
**Integral Smartgun - +2 to ranged attacks. 1 Slot.
**Personalized Grip - +1 RC. 1 Slot.
Concealable Holster (75 nuyen) - Add -1 Concealability
80 rounds EX Explosive Ammo (800 nuyen) - +1 DV, -1 AP
<9 dice to attack. 5P, -1 AP, 1(2) RC, 10(ml)x4 Ammo.>

Lined Coat (900 nuyen) - 6B/4I Armor. -2 Concealability to items hidden underneath
**AR Enhanced - Can display AR messages.
**Color-changing - Can change colors

Zoe Heritage Line (10200 nuyen) - 6B/4I Armor. Traditional Tir style
**AR Enhanced - Can display AR messages.
**Color-changing - Can change colors

Teg-mentum    (3200 nuyen) - 4B/1I Armor. Display holographic clothes
**Carbon-boron infusion - +1B/+2I Armor.

SecureTech PPP Forearm Guards (200 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete
SecureTech PPP Shin Guards (150 nuyen) - +0B/+1I Armor. Discrete

AR Wristboard (250 nuyen) - Manipulate AR
Novatech Airware (1250 nuyen) - Response 3, Signal 3
Simrig (1000 nuyen) - Experience, record simsense
System (3000 nuyen) - Rating 6
Firewall (3000 nuyen) - Rating 6
Tag Eraser (150 nuyen) - Erase RFIDs
Subvocal Microphone (50 nuyen) - Whisper into PAN
Pro User Suite (600 nuyen) - Analyze 4, Browse 4, Command 2, Edit 4
Eurosoft Clavicula (4700 nuyen) - Encrypt 5, Decrypt 5
Empathy Software (3000 nuyen) - Rating 6
Body Shop (500 nuyen) - ARE software. 100ny a month
Mapsoft (Seattle) (30 nuyen) - Rating 6
Linguasoft (Spanish) (2000 nuyen) - Rating 4
Linguasoft (Cantonese) (2000 nuyen) - Rating 4
Linguasoft (French) - Rating 4
Linguasoft (Yoruba) - Rating 4

Fake SIN (4000 nuyen) - Rating 4. Rahki Darkholme
Fake Weapons permit (400 nuyen) - Rating 4
Fake Driver's license (400 nuyen) - Rating 4
Fake Escort License (400 nuyen) - Rating 4

Contacts (575 nuyen) - Rating 3.
**Image Link    - Display images from PAN
**Vision Enhancement - Rating 3.
**Vision Magnification    - 50x optical zoom

Glasses (725 nuyen) - Rating 3
**Smartlink - Use Smartguns
**Thermographic - See in infrared
**Flare Compensation - Compensate for glare

PocketMage Library (1800 nuyen) - Rating 3

Laes Slap-patches x6 (3006 nuyen) - 10S damage, unconscious for 20x1d6 min, last 12-Body, min 1 hours of memory erased.

OXSYS Artificial Gill (1000 nuyen) - Breathe underwater to 7m
GPS (200 nuyen) - Determine position via satellites
Gecko Tape Gloves (250 nuyen) - Climb walls
Respirator (150 nuyen) - Rating 6

DocWagon Basic Contract (5000 nuyen)

Magical Lodge Materials (2500 nuyen) - Force 5
Combat Fetish (200 nuyen)
Detection Fetish (50 nuyen)
Healing Fetish (500 nuyen)
Illusion Fetish (100 nuyen)
Manipulation Fetish (300 nuyen)

Medkit (600 nuyen) - Rating 6
Bottle of Water Purification Tablets - 25 liters of water purification remaining
Bottle of Water Purification Tablets - 25 liters of water purification remaining
Survival kit
Bottle of Tir Tairngir whiskey x3

Advanced Lifestyle         
Comforts: High (4)
Entertainment: Luxury (6)
Necessities: Luxury (6)
Neighborhood: High (4)
Security: Luxury (6)

Lifestyle Qualities
Easy-going Landlord - 1
Friendly Neighbors - 1
Living By Committee - -2
No Privacy (Physical) - -3
No Privacy (Astral) - -3
Worse Neighbors (Laesa safehouse) -1
Well Made - 1

Total: 20 LP (10000 nuyen/month) - High lifestyle

Left: 1214 nuyen

Contacts: 15 BP (+8 Free from CHA*2)
Major Vilesina Dalawe (5C/4L) - Tir Tairngir Peace Force Ghost
Major Dalawe is Colonel Mollen's handler for his sleeper agent and liason officer position. She is his pipeline to official intelligence sources within the Tir, and is herself a member of the elite Ghost commandos. He passes on routine reports to the major, and in return, he can call on her for information. She can also set up extraction from Seattle, if he needs it, but that is only if his cover is blown, and he is on the run from enemy forces. If he is caught, he's on his own.

Shannaleth (3C/3L) - Talismonger/Bartender
Shannaleth is a female elf from Tir Tairngir. There, she was a noble. In Seattle, she runs a fantasy-themed bar in Tarislar called the Black Dragon Tavern which is a convenient cover for her business as a talismonger. She also has connections to the Laesa.

Roxy Malone (2C/2L) - Fixer
Roxy is a female human from the CAS, and is an up and coming fixer in Seattle. She has ties to Horizon, and tends to arrange meetings in bars.

Demona (2C/2L) - Smuggler
Demona is a smuggler who works as part of the group Technicolor Wings. As such, she also knows people in the biz well away from her home base in Seattle.

The man before you is an elf, dressed all in black, with a long black lined coat. His dress is rather stylish, though functional. Long black (or dark brown) hair is tied back in a ponytail, to keep it from getting in his face. A pair of wrap-around shades hide his eyes. He has a pistol in a shoulder holster, and a katana hanging from his belt. A knife is sticking out of a sheath in his left boot.

Rahki Darkholme was born in 2032, in Tir Tairngir, third son of the Count Karellon Darkholme, a man of some importance in the new nobility in the elven state. Growing up on the family estate outside Salem, Rahki was schooled in the ways of the elven nation, learning the castes and political games even before he learned to read.

At a young age, he displayed the talent for magic, and he was brought a tutor, to teach him the ways of magic, and hone his art. His tutor was Rimaldo Corenas, a practitioner of a little known tradition that had recently come into existence called the Swordmage. Rimaldo was known both for his skill with magic, as well as being a master of the new elven martial art of Carromeleg. For ten years, Rahki trained with Rimaldo, learning the way of the swordmage, until his eighteenth birthday, when he underwent the Rite of Passage.

Alone, young Rahki went into the forests, with only a blade that had been enchanted for him in preparation for this day, and a pack with simple survival tools, for the Bridging. There he meditated, though his meditation was disturbed by a pack of barghests who mistook him for easy prey. He killed three, before the rest fled.

When he returned out of the forest, Rahki went before his friends and family and underwent the Naming, speaking in Sperethiel, he took for himself the name Mirikon Mollen, by which he would be known from then onward. The celebration continued into the early morning, but the next day he began training (and lobbying) for the Rite of Progression, to be held the next year, which, if he
passed, would confirm his rank, and give him access to the privileges that came with it.

Once through the Rite of Progression, when he had been confirmed as Count Mirikon Mollen, he entered into the Tir Tairngir Peace Force as a combat mage, as a Lieutenant. Working his way through the ranks, he gained experience with his blades, and with his magic, becoming initiated into greater secrets. Upon his initiation, he received transfer orders. He was being transfered to the special forces, the infamous Ghosts.

For the next six years, he served as a member of the Peace Force, rising to the rank of Colonel. However, one does not admit that they are a member of the Ghosts. As a cover, he worked as part of the corporate security force at a subsidiary of Wuxing located near Salem called Arcanix. A Lieutenant there, he was pulling in a great deal of money, from his salary both in the TTPF and from Arcanix, but also from the properties he owned around Tir Tairngir, renting out to those of lesser classes.

Crash 2.0 hit Arcanix hard. Hard enough that they were spun off from Wuxing to keep from dragging the corp down. New owners snapped the corp up, but they decided they wanted to trim the overhead a bit. Of course, you can't just fire people who know all the proprietary information you just bought.

September 14, 2065 would afterwards be known (to the few people with clearance to hear about it) as the day of the Arcanix Massacre. The lucky employees who got to keep their jobs were quietly asked to take that day off. The new management dropped a pack of ghouls into the Arcanix courtyard and sealed the compound, before turning the defenses on the employees.

Mirikon was amongst a small group of survivors who managed to seal off one of the buildings, and deactivate the defenses (though their spider got his brain turned to goo by another spider with some Black IC). They managed to get to an armory, and then fight their way to the walls, before blowing a hole in the wall, and escaping. Only two others made it out with him. Over eight hundred elves died that day.

At the hospital, Mirikon awoke to find someone trying to spike his IV with something. He killed the intruder with a spell, but the other two survivors suffered 'accidents' shortly afterwards. The writing on the wall was plain for Mirikon to see.

Breaking cover, Mirikon reported to the nearest TTPF rally point, to report to his superiors, and detail what he saw during the massacre. The TTPF got him out of the country, and set him up in Seattle, where he acted as a sleeper agent and liason officer with other agents that the Ghosts sent that way. He immersed himself in the shadows under the name Iceblade, and quickly became a part of the local running scene, getting a reputation as a reliable worker.

For the next nine years, Mirikon ran the shadows, though he sometimes was called by his handlers in the TTPF to do certain missions that required a more 'hands off' approach than sending in an official team. He also curried favor with the smugglers heading in and out of the Tir, and with the Laesa.

Now it is 2074, and while the aristocracy has gone, Mirikon still retains his Tir Tairngir citizenship (even if he doesn't advertise it) and is a full-bird Colonel in the TTPF, continuing his sleeper agent role, and helping find safehouses for individuals that the TTPF wants protected (or kept on ice). He still owns several properties in Tir Tairngir, and the revenue from those properties and his TTPF salary are forwarded into an off-shore bank account, which he needs to use his SIN to access. As such, that is for emergency use only, or when he is back in the Tir on business.
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Looking For Work

Ferret Totem Physical Adept

Here is a statted out character sheet.  Background and other details I will fill in once I find a place for her to run.  Adjustments may be made.

Name: Alice Nicole Surrey
Alias: Kill-Ferret
Race: Human
Sex: Female
Nationality: UCAS
Lifestyle: Low
Karma Spent: 0
Physical Description: XXXXX
Personality/background XXXXX


Body:  5 [40]
Agility:  5 [40]
Reaction:  4(6) [30]
Strength:  2 [10]

Charisma:  4 [30]
Intuition:  3 [20]
Logic:  3 [20]
Willpower:  2 [10]

Edge:  2
Magic/Resonance:  6 [65]
Essence:  6
Initiative:  7(9)
Passes 3

Positive Qualities
Adept [5]
Mentor Spirit: Ferret [5]
Negative Qualities
Bad Rep [-5]
  She's known as being a Saeder-Krupp schill.  Haveing worked with the corp steadilly in the past.  However, her contact with the corp was killed in a hit at which she was present and subsequent contacts have dried up.  It wasn't her fault but she still takes much of the blame.  She didn't know the sniper was there.
Big Regret [-5]
  Alice had a romantic relationship with her SK contact.  Never even having learned his real name she allowed herself to get in bed with SK in more ways than one.  She knows that he liked to record things and suspects that he had files of their relationship stored somewhere.
In Debt 1: 5000:nuyen: [-5]
Poor Self Control: Braggart [-5]
Poor Self Control: Thrill Seeker [-5]
Records On File: Saeder-Krupp [-10]

Active Skills
             Skill  Total  Ranks  Attr  Misc[/i]
        Automatics     8  =  3  +  5  +  0  [12]
            Blades     9  =  4  +  5  +  0 
             Clubs     9  =  4  +  5  +  0 
     Escape Artist    12  =  1  +  5  +  6  [4]
        Gymnastics     9  =  4  +  5  +  0 
      Infiltration     9  =  4  +  5  +  0 
           Palming    11  =  4  +  5  +  2 
           Pistols     6  =  1  +  5  +  0  [4]
  Throwing Weapons     6  =  1  +  5  +  0  [4]
    Unarmed Combat     9  =  4  +  5  +  0 
             Dodge     6  =  0  +  6  +  0 
Pilot Ground Craft  t  0  =  0  +  6  +  0 
          Climbing     6  =  4  +  2  +  0 
           Running     6  =  4  +  2  +  0 
          Swimming     6  =  4  +  2  +  0 
               Con     5  =  1  +  4  +  0 
         Etiquette     5  =  1  +  4  +  0 
      Intimidation     0  =  0  +  4  +  0
        Leadership     5  =  1  +  4  +  0 
       Negotiation     5  =  1  +  4  +  0 
           Artisan     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
          Disguise     7  =  4  +  3  +  0 
        Perception     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
         Shadowing     7  =  4  +  3  +  0 
            Arcana     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
           Armorer     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
          Computer     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
       Data Search     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
       Demolitions     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
         First Aid     0  =  0  +  3  +  0 
          Survival     0  =  0  +  2  +  0 

Skill Groups
Athletics: 4 [40]
Close Combat:  4 [40]
Influence: 1 [10]
Stealth:  4 [40]

Knowledge Skills ([Logic + Intuition] x 3 = 18 free points)
    Seattle Street Gangs     5  =  2  +  3  +  0 
      Security Companies     5  =  2  +  3  +  0 
           Street Rumors     4  =  1  +  3  +  0 
                UCAS Law     4  =  1  +  3  +  0 
            Saeder-Krupp     4  =  1  +  3  +  0 
     Security Procedures     5  =  2  +  3  +  0 
         Security Design     4  =  1  +  3  +  0 
              Club Music     4  =  1  +  3  +  0 
           Popular Clubs     5  =  2  +  3  +  0 
Underground Fetish Clubs     4  =  1  +  3  +  0 
                    Yoga     5  =  2  +  3  +  0 
Language Skills
                 English     Native 
                  German     5  =  2  +  3  +  0 

Adept Powers
Blind Fighting (0.5pp)
Enthralling Performance: Gynastics(Dance) (0.5pp)
Combat Sense 2 (0.5pp)
Flexibility 6 (1.5pp)
Improved Reflexes 2 (2.5pp)
Nimble Fingers 2 (0.5pp)

Gear (15,000:nuyen:/14995:nuyen:) [2]
Glasses (Rating 3, AVAIL --, 75:nuyen:)
+Low Light (AVAIL +4, 100:nuyen:)
+Flare Compensation (AVAIL +2, 50:nuyen)
+Image Link (AVAIL --, 25:nuyen:)

Fake SIN (Alex Kole, UCAS, Rating 3, 3000:nuyen:)
+Low Lifestyle (1 month, 2,000:nuyen:)
Fake SIN (Nicole Alti, Saeder-Krupp, Rating 3, 3000:nuyen:)
Meta Link (100:nuyen)
>Responce 1, Signal 1, AVAIL --
>Registered to Alex Kole
+Vector Xim (200:Nuyen:)
>Firewall 1, System 1, AVAIL --

Meta Link (100:nuyen)
>Responce 1, Signal 1, AVAIL --
>Registered to Nicole Alti
+Vector Xim (200:Nuyen:)
>Firewall 1, System 1, AVAIL --

Meta Link (100:nuyen)
>Responce 1, Signal 1, AVAIL --
>Not Registered
+Vector Xim (200:Nuyen:)
>Firewall 1, System 1, AVAIL --

Form Fitting Body Armor (Full-Body Suit, 1,600:nuyen:)
>B/I 6/2, AVAIL 8
Actioneer Business Clothes (1,500:nuyen:)
>B/I 5/3, AVAIL 8
Urban Explorer Jumpsuit (500:nuyen:)
>B/I 6/6, AVAIL 8
+Helmet (50:nuyen)
>B/I --/+2, AVAIL --

Weapons & Guns
Ceramic Knife (Blade, Arsenal pg14)
>Reach --, Damage (2)P, AP --, AVAIL 4, 75:nuyen:

Cougar Fineblade Knife (Long Blade, 900:nuyen:)
>Reach --, Damage (3)P, AP -1, AVAIL 8R

Onotari Equalizer (Machine Pistol, Gun Heaven pg13)
>Damage 4P, AP -1, MODE BF/FA, RC (1), AMMO 12(C), AVAIL 8R, 750:nuyen:
>Std. Upgrades/Accessories: Folding Stock, Laser Sight
+Sound Suppressor (AVAIL 12F, 300:nuyen:)
+2 Spare Clips (AVAIL 4, 10:nuyen:)

50 Regular Rounds (Machine Pistol, 100:nuyen:)
>Dam Mod --, AP Mod --, Armor B, AVAIL 2R
20 Gell Rounds (Machine Pistol, 60:nuyen)
>Dam Mod --(Stun), AP Mod +2, Armor I, AVAIL 6R)

Contacts [5]
Max Vanness - Club Owner (Contacts & Adventures pg5) 2/2
  Alice has known Max for a long time having worked at times in his club.  They too have had an off and on again romantic relationship over the years.  However now-adays it is mostly just biz.

Build Point totals:  400 = 265 Attributes - 25 Qualities + 154 Skills + 1 Equipment + 5 Contacts


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« Reply #35 on: <07-24-11/2352:01> »
Looking for work
Want to play an ork hacker
please let me know if you need someone to play
I can play any day of the week once school starts I'll prolly post before noon and willing to play anytime
PM me!
Theres no place like
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Military Cyborg made with 400 BP + 100 Karma + 250k Nuyen, Availability 20

Name: Gaius "Boat times" Harborford
Concept: Skiddie/rigger - oh, and massive cybermonster

Race: Ork [20]

Stats:Total = [200]
Body: 4 (10) [null]
Agility: 1 (7) [null]
Reaction: 5 (7) [40] (+2 for dodge - sideways)
Strength: 3 (8) [null]
Charisma: 2 [10]
Intuition: 5 [40] (+2 OoC - nanites) (-1 when Pain Editor is active)
Logic: 4 (5) [30] (+3 OoC - nanites)
Willpower: 5 [40] (+1 when Pain Editor is active)

Edge: 5 [40]
Essence: 0.250

Qualities:Total = [Null]

Positive Qualities [35]
-Black Market Pipeline - Cyberware [10]
-Born Rich [10]
-Black Market Pipeline - Bioware [10]
-Hawkeye [5]

Negative Qualities [-35]
-Augmentation Addict [-10]
-Combat Monster [-10]
-Addiction, mild (longhaul) [-5]
-Slow Healer [-10]

Active Skills:Total = [120] {100}

Athletics (Group): 3 [30]{2}
-Climbing 3 (5)
-Gymnastics 3 (7) (Gymnastic dodge +2)
-Running 3 (5)
-Swimming 3 (5)
Firearms (Group): 2 [10]{10}
-Automatics 2 (3)
-Pistols 2 (3)
-Longarms 2 (3)
Mechanic (Group): 1 [10]
-Aeronautic Mechanic 1
-Automotive Mechanic 1
-Industrial Mechanic 1
-Nautical Mechanic 1
Outdoors (Group): 2 [10]{10}
-Navigation 2 (4)
-Survival 2
-Tracking 2
Armorer 1 (Weapons +2) {6}
Computer 2 (Command +2) {10}
Demolitions 1 {4}
First Aid 4 (Combat wounds +2) [16]{2}
Gunnery 1 (Ballistic +2) {6}
Hardware 1 (Maglocks) [4]{2}
Heavy Weapons 6 (7) (Machine Guns)
Infiltration 4 (Urban) [16]{2}
Leadership 1 (Tactics) {6}
Perception 2 (Visual) {10}
Pilot Aircraft 3 {14}
Software 1 {4}
Unarmed 2 (3) (Subdual) {10}

Knowledge Skills:Total = [54 free BP]

Language = [6]
English N
German 1 [2]
Or'zet 1 [2]
Russian 1 [2]

Street Knowledge = [4]
Procedure (Matrix Security) 4 [8]

Academic Knowledge = [10]
Computer Theory 1 [2]
Design (firearms) 1 [2]
Design (drone) 1 [2]
Operating Systems 1 [2]
Physics 1 [2]

Professional Knowledge = [24]
Military 4 [8]
Parazology 1 [2]
Security Design 4 [8]
Security Procedures 3 [6]

Interest Knowledge = [6]
Radical Groups 2 [4]
Sci-fi Trids 1 [2]

Gear: Total [60] 550,000¥ about 45¥ left over

Cyberware, Bioware + Infusion: Total -250,100¥ (after 10% discount from BMP Cyber + Bio) -1.75 Essence
Attention Coprossesor R3 (Std) -8,100¥
Dermal Sheathing R1 (Std) -9,000¥

Synthacardium R2 (Std) -18,000¥
Cerebral Booster R1 (Std Cultured) -9,000¥
Pain Editor (Std Cultured) -36,000¥
synaptic Booster R2 (Std Cultured) -144,000¥

Sideways -1000¥

Neural Amplifier Nanites - Limbic R2 - 10,000¥
Neural Amplifier Nanites - Neocortical R3 - 10,000¥

Cyberlimbs: -139,275¥ (after 10% discount from BMP cyber) -4.0 Essence

Full Obvious Cyberarm - Right (Std) -13,500¥ [15/15] {Stats: Agl: 9 Bod: 12 Str: 8}
-Customized Limb - Agility 3 -4,050¥
-Customized Limb - Body 6 -8,100¥
-Customized Limb - Strength 2 -2,700¥
+Armor 3 (Std) -810¥
+Agility 3 (Std) -675¥
+Body 3 (Std) -540¥
+Strength 3 (Std) -675¥
+Auto-Injector - 1 dose (Std) -450¥

Full Obvious Cyberarm - Left (Std) -13,500¥ [15/15]  {Stats: Agl: 9 Bod: 12 Str: 8}
-Customized Limb - Agility 3 -4,050¥
-Customized Limb - Body 6  -8,100¥
-Customized Limb - Strength 2 -2,700¥
+Armor 3 (Std) -810¥
+Agility 3 (Std) -675¥
+Body 3 (Std) -540¥
+Strength 3 (Std) -675¥
+Auto-Injector - 1 dose (Std) -450¥

Full Raptor Cyberleg - Right (Std) -15,750¥ [16/18] {Stats: Agl: 9 Bod: 12 Str: 11}
-Customized Limb - Agility 3 -4,050¥
-Customized Limb - Body 6 -8,100¥
-Customized Limb - Strength 5 -6,750¥
+Armor 3 (Std) -810¥
+Agility 3 (Std) -675¥
+Body 3 (Std) -540¥
+Strength 3 (Std) -675¥
+Datajack (Std) -450¥ {Smartgun link from HMG plugged in here}

Full Raptor Cyberleg - Left (Std) -15,750¥ [18/18] {Stats: Agl: 9 Bod: 12 Str: 11}
-Customized Limb - Agility 3 -4,050¥
-Customized Limb - Body 6 -8,100¥
-Customized Limb - Strength 5 -6,750¥
+Armor 3 (Std) -810¥
+Agility 3 (Std) -675¥
+Body 3 (Std) -540¥
+Strength 3 (Std) -675¥
+Orientation System (Std) -1,125¥

Weapons and Armor: -64,555¥

Armors: Worn Total [21/19] (Encumbrance 18/18) w/ cyber [34/33] heh.. Total cost = -30,350¥
Full Body Armor [10/8] -7,500¥
+Chemical Seal -5,000¥
+Fire Resistant r6 -600¥
+Insulation r6 -900¥
+Reuthenium Polymer Coating -7,500¥
Full Body Armor Helmet [2/2] -1,000¥
+Audio system -50¥
+Audio Enhancement r3 -300¥
+Select Sound Filter -200¥
+Integrated comlink -200¥ {see com below}
Form Fitting Body Armour - Full suit -1,600¥[6/2]
+Biomonitor -300¥
+Nonconductivity r6 -1,200¥
+Thermal Dampening r3 -1,500¥
Gel Packs [1/1] -1,500¥
PPP System Full [2/6] -1,100¥

Weapons: -34,180¥ hoo boy!
Ruhrmetall SF 20 -6,500¥
+High Velocity -13,000¥
+Improved Range Finder -1000¥
+Chameleon coating -1,000¥
+Personalized Grip -100¥
-Smartgun System (topmount) -400¥
-*Safe Target system w/ Image recognition + 2 additional profiles -1,000¥
-Gyromount -3,000¥
=Gasvent 3 [integral]
=Hip pad brace [integral]
_Spare ammo belt -25¥
_2x100 APDS ammo belted -1,400¥

ArmTech MGL-6 -1,500¥
+Airburst link -500¥
+Personalized grip -100¥
+Skinlink -50¥
-Smartgun System (underbarrel) -400¥
=Pistol sized (no Chameleon coating needed)
_Quickdraw Holster -100¥
_Spare clip -5¥
_4x Mini Fragmentation Grenade -140¥
_2x Mini White Phosphorous Grenade -240¥
_6x Mini Gas Grenade -120¥
_6x White Star -3,600¥

Tech & odds:-19,725¥

Goggles r6 -300¥
+Flare Compensation -50¥
+Image Link -25¥
+Smartlink -500¥
+Thermographic -100¥
+Vision Enhancement R3 -300¥
+vision Magnification -100¥
+Skinlink -50¥

Hermes Ikon -3,000¥
+Response 6 -8,000¥
+Signal 5 -1,000¥
+Optimization (Agent) -500¥
+Armor Case -10 500¥
+Hardening 6 -150¥
+Skinlink -50¥
-Trode net -50¥

Handheld Sensor
+Ultrawideband Radar -2,000¥
+Radio Signal Scanner r6 -150¥
+Skinlink -50¥

Medkit r6 -600¥
4x Medical Supplies -200¥
3x Ration Pouch -150¥
Backpack -250¥
3x Survival Kit -300¥
3x Guts -450¥ {one in left autoinjector}
3x Longhaul -150¥
Trauma Patch -500¥ {in right autoinjector}

System r6 -3000¥
Firewall r6 -3000¥
Unrestricted Agent R6 -18,000¥
+Homeground Autosoft R3 -1,500¥

Attack r6 (Ergo + opt 3) -6,400¥
Decrypt r6 (Ergo) -6,100¥
Defuse r3 -1,500¥
Exploit r6 (opt 3) -6,000¥
Spoof r6 -6,000¥
Stealth r6 (Ergo + opt 3) -6,400¥
Track r6 (opt 3) -6,300¥
ECCM r6 (opt3 + ergo) -6,400¥

Analyze r6 (Ergo +opt 3) -1,000¥
Browse r6 (opt 3) -900¥
Command r6 -600¥
Edit r6 (opt 3) -900¥
Encrypt r6 (ergo+opt3) -1,000¥
Scan r6 (ergo+opt3) -1,000¥
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« Reply #37 on: <08-15-11/2050:30> »

Never played a pBp game, but wish to, in order to supplement sparse availability of current gaming group.

Will tailor character to party/gm's needs (I like most archetypes)

Have access to all shadowrun books

Access the computer often throughout the day, and sleep only a few hours a day, so my availability is high


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Name: Boris Shevenko
Alias: Mean Boris
Race: Minotaur
Sex: Male
Nationality: Russian
Lifestyle: Squatter
Karma Spent: 0

Physical Description:
Mean Boris is a very large minotaur dressed in scuffed and blackened SWAT armor with a rancher-style cowboy hat. He is typically armed with a huge mace and a SWAT ballistic shield. His sidearm is equally huge, an 8-shot Ruger Super Warhawk with extended barrel.

Boris was recruited into the Russian military as a search-and-retreival expert to be sent into extremely polluted environments. He was equipped with a tracheal filter, nephritic screen, pathogenic defenses, toxin extractor, and digestive expansion in order to make him very survivable in the harshest areas of Russia. He was given the military-standard wired reflexes, strength and agility enhancement, and a suprathyroid gland to help him push through in difficult terrain. His weapon training included clubs and pistols, weapons which would be easy to travel with and easy to replace in the field.

After several years of service, he was in a toxic swamp when his tracheal filter malfunctioned, blasting concentrated pollutants directly into his lungs. Thrashing wildly, Boris could feel the toxins burning his lungs and sinuses. After being airlifted out, it was determined that the environmental toxins had damaged his sinuses to the point that he had lost much of his sense of smell, and his lungs to the point where he had symptoms of severe asthma, and he was subsequently deemed "unfit for duty". He was unceremoniously dumped from the military, and was forced to sign papers saying he would keep quiet about the incident in exchange for keeping the cyber and bioware the military had “generously” provided him.

Boris, disgruntled and broke, decided to move to Atlanta to enjoy the warmer weather. The warm, humid air seemed to soothe his scorched lungs and skin, and he knew he had found his new home. He found that traditional employment was impossible to obtain, and quickly turned to mercenary work in the shadows. His former training in survival and tracking proved to be extremely useful in hunting urban critters, which he found to be extremely satisfying from both an entertainment and hunger perspective. He would frequently sneak up on critters in the dead of night using his cybernetic eyesight and infiltration skills, club them with his mace, and gobble them down whole. While his digestive expansion allowed him to eat nearly anything, his suprathyroid gland kept him perpetually hungry. He found that paracritters were far more satisfying, and welcomed the additional challenges associated with more dangerous prey. He eventually discovered that the more polluted the hunting area, the tastier the critters, which he often described as having a "tangy" flavor that was hard to reproduce.

Boris took up residence in the abandoned World Botanical Gardens in the southern barrens of Atlanta, living in a small run-down building that used to sell snacks to tourists. It had been repaired many times over the years, and while the security had been improved it was still a squatter pad in terms of its amenities. The former park was directly in the turf of a local ork gang known as the Brannon Boyz, which Boris formed an uneasy alliance with. They provided him with security and didn’t mess with him, and he performed small services for them on request, such as the time that their main crash pad became overrun with Devil Rats. Boris showed up and killed every last one of them, eating them whole as he methodically went from room to room smashing them flat. Even the most street-tough gang members were nervous, knowing that he’d be an extremely tough meta to evict should they choose to. He became something of a boogie man at the abandoned park, stalking around at night and feeding on whatever animals were on hand.

Eventually, his nocturnal hunting sprees were noticed by a local eco-friendly group comprised mostly of "low-income elven neo-hippies", and he took delight in watching their horrified expressions when smashing paracritters and devouring them in plain sight, despite their protests. His brazen activities culminated in an evening buffet at the park, where the protesters reported a "mind blowingly huge minotaur" taking off with an armful of flattened rare paracritters. His identity was never discovered, but the eco-group is now committed to putting an end to his nocturnal culinary activities.

Mean Boris keeps a low profile, skulking around the worst areas of the Barrens, but always keeps a call-service on retainer for Johnsons and Fixers looking to hire him for a run. His skills are in high demand, as he is just as deadly stalking man as he is beast in the urban jungle of Atlanta.



Positive Qualities
Restricted Gear (r2)
Martial Arts (r2)

Negative Qualities
Buggy ‘Ware - Tracheal Filter (r2)
Reduced Sense - Smell
Enemy - Animal Rights Group

Active Skills
Pilot: Ground1
Athletics Skill Group1
Outdoors Skill Group1

Knowledge Skills (15 free points)
Street Knowledge - Atlanta Gangs1
Street Knowledge - Arms Dealers1
Professional Knowledge - Toxic Hazards4
Interest Knowledge - Paracritters4
Interest Knowledge - Zoology1
Interest Knowledge - Pistols1

Language Skills

Martial Arts
Systema (Escrima)
+1 Damage (Clubs)
Damage on called shot to disarm

Set Up
Finishing Move

Cyber/Bioware (210,750¥)
Wired Reflexes 2332000¥-
Reaction Enhancers 20.620000¥-
Cybereyes 30.48750¥-
+Flare Compensation---
+Vision Enhance 2---
+Vision Magnification---

Muscle Augmentation 20.414000¥-
Muscle Toner 20.416000¥-
Suprathyroid Gland0.745000¥-
Nephritic Screen 10.110000¥-
Pathogenic Defense 10.110000¥-
Toxin Extractor 10.220000¥-
Tracheal Filter 10.215000¥Buggy ‘Ware r2
Digestive Expansion0.520000¥-

Gear (39,250¥)
Ruger Super Warhawk2850¥
+Barrel Extension-
+Improved Rangefinder-
+Melee Hardening-
+Increased Cylinder-
+Firing Selection (SA)-
Regular Ammo x100200¥
EX-EX Ammo x40400¥
Speed Loaders x250¥
+Gecko Grip-
+Personalized Grip-
SWAT Armor9800¥
+Nonconductivity 5-
PPP Forearm200¥
PPP Helmet100¥
PPP Leg/Arm350¥
PPP Shin150¥
PPP Vitals200¥
Form-Fit Full Body Suit1600¥
Ballistic Shield1500¥
Iris Orb1000¥
Novatech Airwave1250¥
Subvocal Mike50¥
Earbuds r330¥
Fake SIN r44000¥
Fake License - Wired Reflexes r4400¥
Fake License - Reaction Enhancers r4400¥
Fake License - High-Threat Animal Control Agent r4400¥
1 Month Prepaid Squatter Lifestyle500¥
Harley-Davidson Scorpion13500¥
+Spoof Chip-
+Morphing License Plate-

Vladimir the Jackal (Fixer)3/1
Brannon Boyz (Ork Gang) 3(6)/2

Build Point totals:  220 (attrib) +45 (Minotaur) +20 (pos qual) -35 (neg qual) +80 (skills) +8 (martial arts) +12 (contacts) +50 (resources)


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« Reply #39 on: <08-20-11/1450:30> »
Offering work (long term pbp campaign)

I been running a pbp game on another forum for near 3 months now and a need some new blood that is really interested in the long term aspect and are commitment to posting at lest once a day but would prefer you post more often then that as I try to move things along quickly.  The game is set in Denver and I intend to use the majority of the 2nd season of missions mixed in with my own subplots and runs, might even bring on some of the other published adventures, we'll see.  400 bp for creation and generally I'm open to all 4e source books and optional rules.  However being this is a long term game I really don't want super razor sharp characters all min maxed out at creation. If your committed your have plenty of room to grow into the uber badass you may want to be.  The game is a mature one,  foul language, both old school shadow'ese and regualar swaring, adult
situations, and violence.
Be mindful of the restrictions put on missions characters.  No possession traditions, mental controlling spells, ect. 

Other stuff I don't really like, but allow within a reasonable use.
*stick and shock ammo: if used for a nonlethal alternative that is fine,  but not as your everyday, go too, ammo.
*martial arts/ maneuver based characters: Want to use a few of them,  I don't mind but it should make sense for the character to know the art.  I don't want a toon that picks a number of arts that aren't generally available to anyone all stacked together for max effect.  Especially in the case of two weapon melee monsters doing the attack w/ full defense bulldrek.  here is an example of what i DON'T want:
*emote-a-toys / empathic software: they can be used but with some limits. (all dice rolls are considered maxed with 20 dice or double the total of skill+attribute which ever is smaller). (excluding vehicle combat, and certain situations)
*foki whores: I may allow you to bound some foki at creation  it'll be a character by character bases,  so tired of the typical increased reflexes w/ sustaining foki as a mage standard.

Want I feel the group needs most:
*Lost a good samurai recently so  would like a replacement.
*Rigger, don't have one, drone master and/or vehicle pilot would be great.

What I got:
*Good hacker w/ some samurai combat skills and augs.
*General mage
*super face w/ decent shooting abilities.
*semi specialized mage,  has some legacy mental spells but hasn't made it an issue yet. w/ some unique rule bending I've allow cause i think the concept is interesting. 

In closing I'm very open to some unique ideas and strange stuff while keeping in mind that characters should be useful in more then just combat.  I'll work with you. Don't feel restricted by the "what I want bit".  Characters die so I may call up whatever character I think we need to join the group.  Its harder to find good players then characters.  The character should be Denver newbs and not have a ton of Denver based contacts. The mission content  offers a ton of good contacts anyways.  I'm sure many potential players may have dm and run through the Season 2 missions so don't metagame on me and we won't have any problems.   I change stuff to suit the group anyway.  The game is being played on a different forum.   So joining there would  also be necessary.  Send me an e-mail  @  or a PM here with your interest, character concept and even sheets.  Thanks for reading.
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« Reply #40 on: <08-22-11/0400:06> »
Never done PbP and I'm a Shadowrun newbie so I'll stick to the sample characters shown in the 20th anniversary edition or if the GM has ready made characters, that's great too. I want to play a technomancer, mage, or adept (basically characters that don't use 'ware and need a high essence). I'm willing to make my own characters but I don't have much experience doing so and GM assistance might be necessary in making sure it's not under or over powered. Here's a look at a Dronomancer, that I really want to work with,

I have the 20th anniversary core book, Unwired, Arsenal, Augmentation, and the Runner's Companion books.

I'm available to play most days since I'm in front of a computer a lot for work and school.
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« Reply #41 on: <08-22-11/1732:31> »
im new to the PbP but have played/ran SR games since 1st ed and im just trying to get back into gaming, since where i live at gamers are nonexistent...any help will be appriciated

Jackleg Rooster

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« Reply #42 on: <09-04-11/2354:20> »
Looking for work

Can post at least once a day.

Characters are:

Coffin (Human) - Pink Mohawk Cybersam/Infiltrator
Starchild (Human) - Former Corp. Shinto Spirit Medium
The Fix (Human) - Irish synthetic body pit fighter
The Killer (Human) - Charismatic Assassin with B&E Skills
Torque (Ork) - Former para-military, operates an armored cab in The Barrens now. Sam/Wheelman
Genom (Ork) - Torque's brother. Meta poseured to appear human. hates non humans and heavily cybered people. "Bio Ninja"


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« Reply #43 on: <09-11-11/1943:04> »
Status: Looking for Work
Timezone: GMT - 5
Availability: Can post reliably once per day (with rare exceptions - at a convention with no Internet available to me, for example. Less than once a month). Will be able to post more on most days.

Archetype: Anything except the gun bunny, basically. I've done mostly riggers in the past, but would be interested in trying my hand at a face or mage (or a mage-face!)
Characters ready to go:
Eagle Eye - Eagle shifter mage
Nathan Gray - Elven social adept who can handle a gun in a pinch
Daelyn - Elven rigger/street racer
Nitro - Ork pyroma- I mean, demolitions expert

I've never played PbP and would like to participate in at least one, if not more PbP game as a player in addition to running one.
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« Reply #44 on: <09-24-11/1339:06> »
Status: Looking for Work
Availability: Can post once per day at the very least.
Books: All but the most recent releases, definitely all core.
Archetype: Magician; Face (less preferred); Samurai (less preferred); any other build if necessary. I am reasonably flexible here.
-Maxwell "Mason" Blackstone, manipulation and wall mage, needs BP rebuild as is already played...HEAVILY
-"Baldr", Norse shapeshifter mage with Sky Father mentor, recorded on physical sheet somewhere around here, somewhat played
-Michael "The Artificial Man" Wilcox, near-cyborg, needs tweaking for legality as originally an NPC, horribly twinked out and may make most GMs go WTF???!!!!
-Ryu "Hawk" Michaels, weapon specialist and martial artist, not terribly twinked out, makes heavy use of Arsenal modifications.
I can make any character needed to fill a hole in the group on demand with about two hours. More time will allow for much more epic backstories.

Looking forward to playing another game!