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Looking for Work

Can post any day,  multiple per day (Disability helps sometimes)
5th Edition Character, using Priority System (Skills A, Attributes B, Resources C, Race D, Magic E)
Weapons Specialist / Investigative Reporter

Name: Dr. Jeanette Porter
Alias: Coruscate, formerly Nose4News
Race: Home Sapiens Nobilis
Sex: Female
Nationality: UCAS (Seattle)
Lifestyle: Low (Cheap Apartment in Redmond)
Physical Description: 5' 8", Blue cybereyes, Fiber Optic Hair, Fair Skin, Chain Smoker. Uses fiber optic hair, disguises and variable breast enhancement to change her appearance often.
Personality/background Dr. Porter is a former investigative reporter for KSAF. She did the field research, and supplied the data for the anchors. Father was a weapons designer for Ares, until the failure of the Excalibur project caused him to take his own life. Mother was a BTL junkie, also suicide. Jaded by the lack of coverage on recent scandals and happenings, she struck out on her own. Does hooder work most often, but does other jobs as well, because altruism doesn't keep the lights on.

Chummer Link

Looking for Work

Can post almost everyday.
5th Edition Character, Core Rules
Decker or Shaman

Name: Joan Spotted Elk
Alias: Vyperbyte (if Decker)
Race: Elf
Sex: Female
This is all I got right now.  I'm new at this game, so new I've still got that new gal smell.  Trying to absorb these fricking rules!  Anyhoo, looking to play a game with some very patient, very understanding players and DM.  All I've got is the 5th ed Core rules and haven't any ref books, so hopefully something basic and easy?

Status: By Character
 Can post daily or commit to a time slot for a live session.
5e Life Modules (characters can be modified to fit other build systems)
No preference for character roles,  but new to system, so active Magic and Matrix characters may be rocky.
Missing some notes, so certain characters are just frameworks.

Alias: Solid Snake
Role: Street Samurai
Notable details: Naga Adept tank, with skills relating to stealth and martial combat.

Alias: Seven
Role: Street Samurai/Assassin
Notable details: Cybered-up "modular man". Both his limbs and personality are tailored to complete the mission.

Alias: Dop
Role: Infiltrator
Notable details: Adept able to mimic other metahumans down to a biochemical level.

Alias: Bolt
Role: Street Samurai
Notable details: Absurdly agile Adept notorious for his acrobatic and called shot prowess.

Alias: Dice
Role: Rigger
Notable details: Unassuming human with a habit of getting very lucky.

Alias: Truman
Role: Technomancer
Notable details: Gnome

Role: Decker
Notable details:

Role: Mage
Notable details:

Role: Face/Mage
Notable details:


New to Shadowrun, been pouring over the books for the past week or so, so I should a have a semi-decent understanding of most things. Currently just one character ready-to-play, but have more in the works. With regards to posting, I should usually manage at least once or twice a day, more depending on what day it is.

Name: Miho Asahari / Black Swan
Role: Face/Gunslinger type. Simple but effective.
Brief Background: Originally a famed singer from Japan, she fell to the shadows after a traumatic kidnapping she barely managed to survive. She was rescued by runners, and ended up running away with and being trained by one of them.

Miho was built with standard priority. Any further characters will be sum to ten.

I'll post some further details when I have access to the sheets.


I can probably do 3 post a week. I don't know anyone in my town that plays shadowrun, it makes me sad. I've never done play by post before but I'm dying to try this character out and test the concept.

This is Broken Bear.
She's what I like to call a Chrome Paladin.
Her background explains everything.
I made her in Chummer5, using Priorities.

Check her out, see if she's good for your team, if you like what you see, drop me a message, I'll call a guy that knows a guy, and we can set up a meeting so she can see if she likes the job you're offering.


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