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Disclaimer:  This is not a game thread.  I'm not starting a game.  This is a general thread for character sheets.

So, here's the M.O.  You can post in this thread if you want to play a pBp game, but can't find an open recruitment thread at the time.  Post that you want to play, post who you'd like to play, or post your full character sheet and bio.  Hell, you could start with the first, move on to the second and then graduate to the third.  That's the magic of the edit function.

General suggestions for maximum utility:
1st, in bold, put that the character is LOOKING FOR WORK.  If you find a game with that character, please change this in an edit - Put the name of the game, whatever you like.  Your current situation is the most important information you could post here.  It's bad form to say you're looking for work when you're not.

2nd, go ahead and post your preferred archetype and your commitment level.  This will let potential GMs know whether to actively recruit you for the game.  So, if you want to play a Dronomancer and think you can handle 3+ posts in a week, let the potential GMs know.

3rd, if you build a character before the game starts, make sure to record how you did so.  Most popular choice here will naturally be 400BP, RAW, all books, but some people will favor German karmagen, street level, house rule, prime runner, or even base book only campaigns.  Being able to quickly modify a character to fit the rules of a game is a big plus.

4th, this information can be exceedingly long, especially if you have multiple characters for whom you're actively trying to find games (e.g. casting your net wide and posting up builds for multiple roles.)  Therefore, if you want to host the sheet on Google Docs, or other quick-share site, that's an excellent idea.  But still, a quick blurb and an overall point breakdown should help GMs get an idea of the chap.  [i.e. Race (20 - Ork)  Attributes (210 - Mundane) Qualities (+20 -30) Skills (124)  Contacts (16) Gear (40)]  A little shorthand description will sell the link to the sheet and help keep you from being passed by.

Good luck and happy gaming.

Status: Looking for Work

I sit at a computer all day at work.  I can post most any time.

400 points all books

Race: Human
Abilities 210
Qualities +35, -35
Skils 126
Gear 40
Contacts 24

Status: Looking for Work
Availability: -8 GMT, can post quite often through the day and early evening, up to 19:00 PST.

Preferred archtype: Mage, shamans and conjurers. If it's magic, I'm on it.

Name: "FoxBoy", "Foxy", "Kitsune"... and a few that can't be printed, depending on who I pissed off this time.
Race: SURGE Fox Shifter Mage
Books: Base, RC, Digital Grimore, Street Magic

Status: Looking for Work
Posting Availability: Most days of the week.
Preferred archtype(s): I prefer Street Sams, Mercs and Physads.

I have access to most published 4th gen books. I prefer the Point System, but most willing to dabble in most other forms of char gen  :D

Angela Rogers a.k.a "Angelus" - Female Elven Samurai, formerly of the Tir Defence Force. Trademarked by her platinum hair and right silverchrome cyberarm.

Kira Vladik a.k.a "Ivory" - Female human physad, cybered after losing her leg in an ill-fated firefight with Tir deserters in Tarislar. Russian Native with ties to the Seattle Kombinat.

Christine Salem Baker a.k.a "Christy/Cristal" -  Female Ork Merc. An ex-KE operative, now turned Runner. Connections in the Ork underground. Both arms are gunmetal cybernetic replacements following a run-in with a very illtempered Mantis spirit.

To be continued.

Status: Looking for Work
Availability: Most any time. Have school, but I'm on the computer daily. Never played a PbP before, would really like to.

Preferred archtype: I really like making themed or 'combo' characters. Not super picky about what they are, but I lean toward the freaks and/or awakened characters. I don't mind which role I play in a party either.

Character: Open for debate. What would fit in your game? What do you need? ;)
Books: I caught 'em all.


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