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+1 for all that work. Good builds, very well detailed and explained. Truly awesome work.

Not done reading and checking all of them... but if I can do a quick nitpick: Why does the detective only have 4BP's of contacts? They're the kind of archetype I'd always consider to have lots and lots of people to get information from. Beggars, prostitutes, cops, criminals, janitors, the PI's the guy who always seems to know someone who just happens to have that piece of the puzzle that makes everything fit.

Shinobi Killfist:
His detective seemed more crime scene detective than legwork detective, which is probably why his contact list is sparse for most detectives.  On a side note depending on the GM I might never take contacts like that for a detective, data search does the legwork part far to well in some games. 

On the issue of contacts-  he does say these characters will built for missions, and that he feels missions tends to under-reward heavy contact investment.  All characters are always campaign specific.  When I build a character I usually spend a minimum of 15 points on contacts, but that is due to the expectations of the table and the standards of the campaign, not because its "right" or "better". 

Onion Man:
Umaro, thanks a ton.

I'll be using a handful of these (all of them that overlap with the archetypes list I had made for myself to pump out for Missions).

Another +1 for you.


--- Quote ---On the issue of contacts-
--- End quote ---
I've always found the contact list to be the most frustrating thing of making the character.  "Realistically" (snicker) unless each character grew up in a cave she should have dozens if not hundreds of 2 to 3 BP contacts. Every skill had to be learned, and many came from teachers (whether literal or just folk she hung around with). She learned a language or two? From whom - family? and family and the friends of family aren't contacts?


I've made comments of a couple of house rules for my table, but this is the one I'd change the most. You get 1 contact point per BP. At least half must be in 4 point or lower contacts. And at least two must be family (or foster family).  But that's just me.


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