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The Wyrm Ouroboros:
Or, to directly answer your question, the Shadowrun Tabletop site itself is most likely to have them.

I was looking into possibly making something along the lines of a Doctor Samurai does anyone have an idea how I would go around doing that, I mean chemicals can help me than just drugs there are explosives as well, so a Chemist Samurai or something along those lines, basically this is my idea.  (Copy and Pasting from Reddit where I first put it).

I was thinking about this was looking to get in a 4e game, and was thinking about Doing a Street Samurai Hobgoblin, that is also a Doctor with his background in Chemistry, the reason he went into Chemistry is to try to better understand and somehow fix with treatments his Variant of Ork, the Hormonal Imbalance the Hobgoblins tend to have, I was going to have him have the Berserk negative quality with possibly the Addiction Negative quality as well possibly the -10 to -20 BP one.

More than likely will have a Bio-implant to regulate if he goes berserk, and possibly fix something else to not have him have any negative effects from any of the drugs, but with the Chemistry background I want to basically make my own Formulae to be able to do more than just counteract my berserk state, possibly allow to have it while keeping my faculties, I know more than likely I would take some sort of physical strain after, but I am hoping I can eventually make a drug like that to where no side effects or very minimum side effects.

Besides that the group I am looking into joining doesn't have any type of healer, so I was thinking of being a Doctor Samurai to heal people up at the same time if need be, because I know nothing ever goes 100% according to plan and things tend to happen.


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