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When you make a character in the SR wolrd, there's always a lot of details to think to, sometime it's just annoying, and you can easily forget very importants details ("so you didn't take a fake ID ?").

So, some of my french fellows on the forum where I come from thought to make some "packages" which would allow players to take in once a lot of frequently very usefull stuff without caring too much about details.
I think it's a brilliant idea, it let the player concentrate on the character's core, and go fast when it comes to the details.
Example : you make a hacker, you concentrate on your skills about hacking and your commlink options, you don't want to spend 30 minutes on your guns set. You spend 5000 NĄ, you take the fighter's kit.
So I link the whole thing here. There's a PDF you can download.

All kits are designed to cost no more than 5000 NĄ.
For example, you've got the basic" Runner kit", with basic fake SIN, tag eraser, a simple (but how much helpfull) knife, basic commlink, googles with all must-have options, gaz mask, and so.

Of course, i'ts in french, and you probably wont understand the privates jokes and so, but I think you wont have a lot of difficultues to understand which stuff is in the kits, and it may be an inspiration for creating your own kits which we, frenchies, will download with pleasure.  ;D

Bobie Derie (AKA Ancient History) released his write up of PACKs which does this quite nicely. He was the Freelancer that actually spearheaded this prior to his leaving due to the recent issue that CGL has had. I do believe there is a topic in one of the threads here with the link to them as well as over in DumpShock.

Thanks, I'll search for it.

The Topic is one the very first posted in the General Forum section. Author is Ancient History.

Got it. I re-link it here.

PACKS (Pre-Generated Auxillary Character and Kit System) Toolkit by Ancient History


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