Basic Missions Info for those new to the Program

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This was originally written by Stephen McQuillan and posted to Dumpshock.  I'm copying it over as it has some useful information.


Shadowrun Missions (SRM) is an official campaign supported by Catalyst Game Labs (CGL). Events are played internationally, with a goal of having characters and adventures that all share the same universe. (And of course to have fun while doing it...) Missions are played at conventions, local Game Days, and as home games for some groups. Campaigns generally run for twelve and twenty-five Missions and a player can play the same character through the entire campaign, whether they are in Beirut, London, or Indianapolis.


CGL runs the site as a meeting place for players who want to find games being run nearby. After registering, you can search for games in your area and even find games for CGLs other lines if you want to try them out, including Eclipse Phase and Battletech. As a player, all you need to do is find the game and show up with a character in hand. Bribes for the GM are always nice, but not mandatory.

Game masters can also join the Demo Team by signing up at After enrolling, you get access to DemoTeam forums, firebase registration, and vast cosmic power. (Well, note really that last one.) Your firebase is the place you run games—it can be a local gaming store that you have worked with, a convention, or even a college classroom that you borrow on Tuesday nights. This lets you schedule games for players in the area and you get SWAG! Demo Team members earn credit for running Missions and you gain access to new Missions before anyone else. Free Missions and swag, just for doing what you would do anyways; it’s a no-brainer.

Beyond the Demo Team, CGL releases specific source material to support the Missions campaign which also expands on the core locations provided in sourcebooks. This material is fully canon and can be used in home games even if you stray away from Missions. The eBooks go through the same writing and development process as all of the core books, but focus in on a single city or location.


To make an “official” Shadowrun Missions character is easy—make a 400 BP character, following all the standard rules and errata. Double check the SRM FAQ posted on to see if we’ve answered a question you have during character creation. The FAQ will also cover some of the campaign specific rules about Qualities and Advanced Character Concepts. If all else fails, you have two options: shoot a quick email off to or swing by the Shadowrun Missions sub-forum on Dumpshock, someone there is bound to have an answer for you. Both of the current Missions Coordinators are active posters on Dumpshock and check in on the sub-forum regularly. They can also be contacted through the forum using their DSF handles.

After you have a character, start playing. It’s important to note, that alternating between Missions from different campaigns isn’t allowed. Once you start a campaign, you need to stick with it and can’t go back to earlier campaigns. There is more information about this in the SRM FAQ. Simply put, each campaign is designed to be self-contained—and while you can complete Missions out of order, jumping from New York to Denver and back again poses all sorts of issues for characters which may not be there for players.

While playing, sometimes you will go through Missions out of order. This is okay as you don’t have to have played through 03-00 to understand what’s going on in 03-04. There are some threads and storylines that play across several Missions within a single campaign though, so playing in order is the best way when possible.

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Let’s face it, some of you are elite.  You know it, I can guess it, and it shows in how you play. For the truly elite, we have a promotion system which goes in place between campaigns. By being promoted, your character gains Prime Runner status, and possibly even higher based on the character’s personal accomplishments. The qualifications and benefits will be announced soon, so keep an eye out.


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