Jet Set now available--campaign book gives runners a taste of the high life!

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Our latest campaign book, Jet Set, is now out (Battleshop, DriveThruRPG), giving runners the chance to get a taste of the Grand Tour, mingle with Tír luminaries, and perhaps be contracted to kill Nadja Daviar. Here's the full summary:


Step this way! There’s no need for you to wait in line with the riff-raff, the common clay of dirty humanity. You can have something better. You can have the good life, filled with the finest food, the most expensive wines, and the most interesting people in the world. There’s a price to pay, of course. There always is. But take a ride, just once, in the aircraft the upper crust uses, and see if you don’t like it. Get a taste of this lifestyle, and see if you won’t do anything to keep it.

In Jet Set, shadowrunners get the chance to rub elbows with the rich and powerful of the world—the socialites, the corporate elite, the royalty, the movers, and the shakers. These are people who know how to get what they want, no matter who they need to step over to get it. The runners may be the help they need to get rid of their latest obstacle—or they could be the next bodies the rich and powerful leave in an expanding trail behind them.

Jet Set is a campaign book with information on the growing tension between Sixth World dragons, the mysterious motives and questions surrounding Nadja Daviar, the opening salvos in political battles that will shake cities and nations in the next year, and more. Filled with plot details, location information, and NPC write-ups, the book is a resource all Shadowrun players can use.

Jet Set is for use with Shadowrun, Twentieth Anniversary Edition.

Jason H.
Jason M. Hardy
Shadowrun Line Developer

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OK..I am curious: Is Jet Set similar to Corporate Intrigue, Ghost Cartels, and Emergence? Or is it closer to Spy Games and War?


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Same Style as Corp Intrigue and Artifacts Unbound.  Collection of plot ideas, and adventure seeds, and NPCs.


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Reposted from the other Jet Set thread.

Chapter breakdown by a tired jackass.

The Kingdom of the Air
Summary of high society activities like the Grand Tour.

Semiballistic Impact
The runners attempt to foil an assassination on a Tokyo to Seattle semiballistic flight.

Triad intrigue in an underwater casino.

Some recipients of bequests in Dunkelzahn's will are being murdered, and a UCAS senator  takes proactive measures.

Photo Ops
Celebrities visiting Bogota need to be protected.

Operation Blindside
Mujuaji settles an old debt to Hualpa by hiring the runners to infiltrate Aztechnology's Spindle space station.

One Step Ahead
Jean-Claude Priault hires the runners to target other megacorporations' military assets.

Aztlan Counterstrike
Raul Chavez is trying to rescue his reputation within Aztechnology before he gets shitcanned (or killed) for his failures in Bogota.

The Dragon Slayers
The dragon hunters that infiltrated DIVE seek out an artifact that Arleesh releases in order to teach them a lesson in tampering with power they don't understand.

Foreign Policy
S-K puts political pressure on High Prince Zincan after Hestaby's attack in Dubai.

Nine Lives
Soren Johannson of Ares is assassinating members of the "Nadjas" fixer network until the real Daviar sends a message of her own.

Shell Games
Lugh Surehand takes an interest in the Seattle gubernatorial election in protecting the New Century Party's nominee, and Jonathon Reed plays his role as nemesis.

Lofwyr is cementing his relationship with Lung by targeting Yakuzas loyal to Ryumyo.

Out of Egypt
Johnny Spinrad vs. Lofwyr over the theft of a priceless artifact in Cairo.

The Giggling Assassin
Buttercup takes action upon concerns about Kirilenko's actions regarding Chief Justice Hino from Corporate Intrigue.

A Taste of the Tour
The runners get involved in the Parisian stop of the Grand Tour.

Pure Wrath
The runners travel to London to influence the attempt to develop a private Matrix network.

Reclaiming Lost Sheep
Richard Villiers hires the runners to bring Miles Lanier back in from the cold. Only nothing is quite that simple.

Character Trove
This chapter includes the stats for many of the generic NPCs encountered throughout the book. However, it also provides profiles and stats on major and grunt NPCs.

Character Index

Some of the JackPointers and major NPCs:
  • Arete
  • Fianchetto
  • Ma'fan
  • Mihoshi Oni
  • Orbital DK
Street Legends
  • Hans Brackhaus
  • Lugh Surehand
Other Major NPCs
  • Dean Costello
  • Soren Johansson
  • Jurojin
  • Jean-Claude Priault
  • Ludmilla Reanka
  • Claudia Romanov
  • Julian Sergetti
  • Johnny Spinrad
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