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John Schmidt:
It is the French word for bittersweet and it perfectly describes how I am feeling this morning. It turns out that the final installment of Dragon Age: Origins has arrived, Witch Hunt where we find out what happened with Morrigan.

Bitter, because I really liked my character and the storyline for Dragon know that it is about to draw to a close...well.

Sweet, finally we will know what happens to Morrigan and the possibility that my character will get to be with her...adventuring maybe even some of that downtime around the campfire again. LOL

My views of Dragon Age have morphed with time. The graphics aren't what I would have expected, but the game mechanics, storyline, and the dialog (oh...I do so love the dialog) are some of the best that I have encountered in any game of that sort.

Oh well...nothing is perfect.  ;D

Doc Chaos:
I found that game to be a big disappointment. After a few hours of gaming I just got tired of finding out that what I thought a dialog option would mean and what the Devs thought that dialog option means were two completely different things. Uninstalled it, repacked it and never looked at it again. Shame for the money...

Ahh, Bioware, how you have captured my heart. Since the days of Baldur's Gate, I've yet to be disappointed by Bioware. And now I am doubly encouraged to get my Xbox hard-drive repaired... :'(

John Schmidt:
Finished it. No spoilers...for those who might desire to play it.

Only that it was far too short for what I had hoped. Still...

Chaotic Insane:
ZEVRAN!!! <3

Yeah I really don't have too much intelligent input when it comes to that game other than that. And Alistair. Oh god. Him too. XD Shale is also hysterical. I wish I had enough room in my party to have those three and Morrigan. I don't care if I even got my own warden. My party members are infinitely more entertaining.

I still need to BEAT origins and GET awakening.


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