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(I.C) Cleaning Up the Band

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Walks Through Walls:
Everyone shows up about 15 minutes before the meet time and no one is being followed. After a minute of confiding you head inside. A middle aged Indian woman meets you at the door and looks you over quickly and says, "You must be here to meet Daniel. Right this way."

She leads you to the back corner (this is the one who was upset). He rises to meet you as you walk up. He offers a hand and says, "Thank you for meeting me on such short notice." He motions for everyone to sit down.

"I'm Daniel McCleer." With that he flicks his thumb and fingers like he is flipping a card and your AR display shows a gaudy card that makes you instantly think of show biz.

"I'm with Tridtainment Inc. We have a small problem that we would like to take care of quietly, and hope you can assist us with. We need you to help us find Josh Williams." he pauses for a couple beats for dramatic effect you assume. "yes Josh Williams of Wounded Needle. As you may or may not know Josh has a bit of a drug and BTL problem. Doesn't it seem like all musical geniuses since before the turn of the century have. Anyhow it didn't seem too bad at first, but about a month ago it started to affect his music. So Pete Anderson, the drummer, ad I helped Josh check into a rehab clinic."

He takes a drink and continues, "I can pay you 10,000 nuyen each and backstage passes to the Wounded Needles tour opening concert next month."

He looks at you all expectantly

@Father Twilight: "I dont like masheens that tell me wat to du."
@Father Twilight: "Dont we oll. Gud goin, chummer. Il be thare sune. I promiss."
Joker stops and looks the mature, but attractive, Indian woman over before following. "Heaven help me, father", he mutters with a smile, loud enough for Father Twilight to hear.
Joker firmly returns the handshake, offering a nod.
"Our pleasure, misure. Shall we get down to business?"
He puts out his cigarette in the table's ashtray and glances to his team members, a little worried that they may attract the wrong kind of attention.
After staring back at the fellow for a moment, he begins to reply.
"Well zat all sounds well and good, misure, but you 'aven't been clear on what you're wanting us to do."
He offers bit of smile, trying not to be insulting.
"We would be happy to help, of course, but perhaps you could be a bit more specific about this problem?"
Because he is doing his best to speak like a suit, he talks somewhat slowly and deliberately.

Walks Through Walls:
After getting your agreement he continues, "Good. Glad you can help me. Three weeks ago Pete and I checked Josh into  a rehab clinic in Renton called the New Hope Hospice under the alias of Sid Vicious. He seemed to be doing real well and his Doctor, Dr. Anders, said that Josh was making great progress. Then yesterday Pete went to visit Josh and he was gone. No one in the clinic could tell us where he was or where he might have gone."

"I need you to find Josh and get him to finish the program or get him enrolled in another that he can finish in a couple of weeks so Wounded Needle has a couple weeks to practice before the tour starts."

He passes you a publicity photo of Josh saying, "Here is a picture of him in case you need it to show around or something."

"Any other questions I can help you with right now?"

As Father Twilight listened to the description of this newest job he couldn't help but feel a welling surge of disgust. Of course, another celebrity with an addiction. Can none of them resist the clarion call of sins of the flesh? With a sigh he pushed his glasses back up to the bridge of his nose and spoke in his quiet, soothing voice.

"The names and locations of his primary dealers would be helpful, since odds are fair he left the clinic due to a weakness of the flesh. Beginning our search with his known vice dealers would be a logical start point, aside from the exact location of this clinic."

Why was he constantly having to deal with weak reeds that broke beneath the devils temptations?

Axe’s head slowly cleared as the music ended.  The red flag was still waving at him.

"Elo chumz. Como ce va? Iv got a job n you are cordialee envited. Plase & time be low. Gud nuyen", it repeated.  The voice and icon was commlink standard, and needed to be updated.  Something sultry in brunette would be much better…

Axe logged out of the spent BTL and blinked at the harsh coffin light.  He ran his fingers through his oily black hair, climbed out of the mattress cell, and pulled on his flats.  A day’s growth of beard shadowed his face.  No time for a shower though.

The vending machines were conveniently located at the coffin hotel’s entrance.  Somebody had a real sense of humor.  Axe paid the nuyen for new flats, threw his grimy set into the recycle bin, and donned the fresh pair on his way to the bus stop.

- - - -

(At The Mogul, after the group accepts the job):

Axe nods at Father Twilight.  “Yeah, good thinkin’ F.T.”

(OOC: I record an image of the woman and Daniel McCleer.  I will perform a data search on Daniel, Josh Williams, Pete Anderson, Wounded Needle, and all names Daniel subsequently provides.)


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