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Walks Through Walls:
@Joker Your comlink buzzes and it is Otto. "Hey chummer round up the team. I've got bizz that I'm sending your way. The guy wants to meet you at the Mogul in two hours if you can make it that fast." a quick glance at the time stamp shows it's just afternoon. what is it with everyone getting me up when the sun is still high in the sky? "He says that time is of the essence. Isn't it always. Anyhow I didn't have any problems with his cred, and he had a good vibe to me. He said he is willing to pay top nuyen for top talent so naturally I thought of you guys."

"Let me know how things go and if I can be of help. You have calls to make so I'll let you get to them."

Joker groans and finally lifts his commlink to view the screen.
"Zanks, mon ami. I'll hit you up after."

After ending the call he sighs and lets his arm flop down into his bed of random pillows. A few minutes later he sighs yet again and begins to text his crew.

@Team:"Elo chumz. Comment ša va? Iv got a job n you are cordialee envited. Plase & time be low. Gud nuyen"

He sits up, rubs his eyes, and finally rolls forward to his knees to stand.

"So gaz... I need a vacation.", he mutters to himself at he makes his way to the bathroom, rubbing his forehead.

After a long shower in which he nearly falls asleep standing up, he begins to get dressed. Form-fitting armor with armored plates. Sexy, wiz, and damn good protection. He straps on his heavy gunbelt and his arm slides, then tops it off with a snazzy neo-tokyo style jacket (also stopping to pat down his messy hair).

Staring into his cracked bathroom mirror, he winks at himself, smirking mirthlessly and straitening his jacket. He finally feels ready.

The chapel was quiet today, the way Dinivin liked it. No loud teenagers acting out their rebellious tendency against their parents by disturbing the house of the Lord, no businessmen brokering deals in whispers in the back of the chapel, just silence. He knelt in the front pew, praying for guidance perhaps, but mainly just finding his center in these familiar surroundings which had been forbidden to him by the prejudice of others. When suddenly, his AR blipped on and a message appeared.

"Elo chumz. Como ce va? Iv got a job n you are cordialee envited. Plase & time be low. Gud nuyen"

The Lord grant me strength, that man will eventually remember I don't speak that doggerel, maybe I should buy him a spellchecker, if nothing else it would save me having to resist the urge to take the Holy Fathers name in vain every time he texts me. As he finishes the thought he stands up, and making the stations of the cross says quietly,"In nomine Patris, et Filii, et Spiritus Sancti. Amen"

As he walks out the door into the chilled, windswept streets a splatter of rain burst upon his face. Yes, this was going to be another one of those days. He began texting as he began walking down the stairs.

@Joker"Headed there now, will find a quiet spot and investigate from the heavenly perspective to make certain all is on the up and up. And get a spellchecker already."

As he finished typing he headed for the target location, keeping his eyes open for safe places to slip into the astral and scout the scene to ensure no double cross was waiting for them.

((OOC: intention is to fidn a place to do astral recon before entering meeting place and check for anyone whose emotions don't fit the scene))

Walks Through Walls:
You find an out of the way bench a block or two away not ideal, but desperate times desperate measures and all. You go astral and recon the Mogul. All is quiet like you would expect in the early afternoon. Four no wait five patron in the bar. All peaceful and tranquil except the last guy in the corner. His aura is a bundle of nervous energy and raw emotions.

As Dinivin returned to his body he shook his head as though awakening from a nap and discreetly surveyed his surroundings to make certain no one had taken an inordinate amount of interest in him while he was away. As he did so he messaged Joker.

@Joker"Quiet scene, 5 signatures in the bar, the one in the corner is either the one we want or a potential risk. Either way he sticks out from a heavenly view as a disturbed soul."

With this done Dinivin returned to the task at hand, keeping his eyes open for the rest of the team and watching to see if any of them were tailed. He routinely switched his perspective back and forth from normal to astral perspectives, getting a feel for anyone who may enter the bar or linger nearby. Once the whole team was inside and he was certain no one had followed, he would enter the building himself. In this business one could never be too careful.

((OOC: If the spot he did astral recon from cannot see the bar, he will move to a better vantage point.


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