Missions Season 4 - Seattle

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LOL I get and understand the balance issue. And that is enough; regeneration is a very potent power over time.

But as far as role-playing there a big difference between a player that can shift between two different forms and a player that is a 30 foot snake or surge class three player with an elephant head? Given that shapchange spell is such a potent weapon, the power shift seems to effect game play allot less. Am I missing something for the role-playing aspect? And again I hope I am not being an ass, you provide allot of detail, and take allot of time to answer questions. I am more afraid I am missing something when I play these types of PC's and wonder if I am failing at portraying them right?

Again thanks for your time.


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I'd like to see a crib sheet with highlights rather than the tell it to them strait format, basically an outline. Also I would like to see occasional ones free, more to see if I want to invest in the rest rather than I want free stuff. I would also like to see links back to old classic adventure. Like maybe Mercurial's earring turns up again, not in a forced to know sense but in a more "cool I remember that adventure" sorta way.
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I'd suggest making the astral hazing flaw incompatible with missions if it is not already. I do not think it is off limits in the last season, but I could have missed it.  It kind of destroys any missions where the threat is free/evil spirit. 

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I would like to continue to see the threats to be new and different. Every GM loves to run Insect spirits from time to time, but they seem to be the go to evil entity in a lot of ways for shadowrun.

I liked that the recent missions had other threats. (Don't want to mention specifics and spoil something accidentally for someone) I would like to see this continue in the new series of missions.

It would also be cool for the prime runner missions (or whatever the elite runner missions get called) if they could have an underlining theme or something that is manipulating things out there and they are caught in the middle of it though it would still be good to be able to run them in any order
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The problem with having certain kinds of threats is that the setting has evolved to the point that those threats are outside the scope of the campaign.  As an example, I'll note a toxic shaman.  The Draco Foundation pays a bounty on toxic shamans; I think the going price was a million nuyen, but it could easily be only 100,000.  Even a hundred K is beyond the payout limits of a Missions adventure.  And there are groups out there that could handle a toxic shaman; all his toxic spirit buddies; and any henchmen he's got, and come out wondering why the job was so easy.

[spoiler]Case in point: last game I played, SRM03-04 Monkeywrench.  If I'd rolled just a little better, my rigger would have stolen a Knight-Errant Hughes-Stallion kitted out for SWAT.  And I was playing a rigger almost straight off the pregenerated character in the book.  That sort of thing is way beyond payout limits for Missions, I'm betting.[/spoiler]
Now, IMR.  While useful as a story tool, I find that its implementation can be used a lot better than using it as fiat for 'you find yourself in a bad situation, now you have to work your way out of it'.  Here's the way it should be done: The story starts out as the runners find themselves in a common scenario; for example, on the way out of the mission.  Say, they have Knight-Errant on their heels.  Insert Flashback: They're at the meet.  The Johnson has just laid out the mission.  The 'runners have agreed to the job. (Well, if they don't, then they don't get to go on the mission, and I'm assuming that they're all there to play Shadowrun)

In fact, the whole job is a flashback, and they end up on the run (with KE on their tail) through no fault of their own: they were spotted and the cops were called.  They then reach the point that the Mission intro started them at.  Now it all makes sense.  In this case you don't just say that they started in a bad situation; you let them get into that situation on their own. 

And that's how you use in media res.

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