PDF size of ShadowRun books varies so much. Why?

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« on: <05-30-24/1029:15> »
For example:
Scotophobia: 186 pages, 187.2 MB
Dark Terrors: 186 pages, 10.3 MB 

Same page count, one is nearly 18 times as big a file as the other.  In general it is the newer books that are larger, but it is not entirely consistent (Third Parallel is 171 pages and 20.5 MB, so not as compact as Dark Terrors, but only off by a factor of ~2 -- and like Scotophobia is a 6e book, so presumably sharing the same page template, etc.)

On my laptop I don't care too much one way or the other.  But on smaller devices (phone and e-reader) I'm more sensitive to file size.  If there is a real benefit to the larger sizes, then OK.  If it is just someone forgetting to set compression or something, it would be nice if they could get more consistent on that.

Anyone here have any insight?


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« Reply #1 on: <05-30-24/1155:39> »
Yeah, it's an issue for me too, like why is my 6e library topping 1-2 GB, there's just no need for that.


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« Reply #2 on: <05-31-24/0325:07> »
My guess is that it is related to the size of the images. If they are optimized for print, they do have a large resolution, leading to large PDFs. When you optimize the PDF for screen reading, the image quality is lowered and you get smaller PDFs. But I am not familiar with the Adobe InDesign (I guess) export options, so this was just me guessing.

It really is an issue if you are using Commlink to link PDFs - the internal PDF viewer requires a significant amount of time to display a page, especially if the PDF is loaded for the first time that session.