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Shadowrun 6e vs, LowLife 2090


Have any of you checked out ****? It is VERY similar to the setting and general concept in Shadowrun, but uses a much more streamlined and rules-lite system.

All my friends that were Shadowrun fans have been disgusted with how things occurred with the release of Shadowrun Sixth World and most of them have jumped ship to ****.

Have any of you checked it out? What do you think of it?

Michael Chandra:
Never heard of it, not interested to be honest, if you're promoting it as 'because Catalyst sucks'. Trashing the competition is the best way to lose my interest. I also don't see the point in going all 'Sixth World is disgusting!' tbh, nevermind pretending that this is a proper subject for the General Discussion instead of Off-Topic.

This is not the place for this. If you do not like Shadowrun, I recommend you do not come into the Shadowrun forums. We have no problem with cross-promotion of other systems, or alternate and house rules. But slamming the game in the game's forums will not result in any headway. I'm locking this thread and removing reference to the other game.


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