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Cybereyes and DNI

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If I have cybereyes with image link and smart link, do I still need any other type of gear that provides a DNI, or do the eyes do it for me?

The wireless on firearms grants you the smartlink, ammo counter, and ARO for the guns. You need a datajack (or trodes) connected physically to the gun to gain the DNI benefits (gaining a Minor action when ejecting a clip or changing firing modes). A wired DNI connection also means you can turn the wireless off, still gaining all the benefits without the chance of a decker hacking your gun.

You need DNI to link your brains with devices.

This is needed to enter VR. It is also needed to send mental commands (instead of touching physical or virtual buttons and switches) which speed up use of devices (for example you gain free minor action while eject clip or change firing mode with firearms and smartguns and it also let you use many devices with a minor action instead of a major action). It also allow you to send longer and more complicated messages, about a paragraph worth of text as a minor action instead of a major action or instead of just a word or short phrase.

Eyes alone does not provide you with DNI.

To gain access to DNI you wear trodes or implant a datajack, cyberjack, control rig, commlink or cyberdeck.

You have two options on how to connect your smartgun system (smartgun + smartlink).

1. Either wireless disabled gun with a cable to wireless disabled smartgoggles (or to a datajack or equivalent in case of internal smartlink since eyes typically don't come with an universal access port). This option let you use the onboard camera to fire around corners, check current ammo type and level and see exact distance to your target.
2. Or wireless enabled smartgun via wireless connection to your wireless enabled smartgoggles or smarteyes while working in concert with DNI. In addition to the above, this option also provide you with a positive dice pool modifier while firing as well as minor action bonuses while reloading or changing firing mode.

Thank you for the answer.  Follow up question, would the trode work with glasses and contacts also?

The trodes need to connect to the gun for the DNI. For contacts, they are strictly wireless, but it's up to your GM on the ruling. Personally, I'd probably allow it since I don't like punishing players too much...


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