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Did the new core rulebooks fix the game?

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I just decided to give Shadowrun 6e another chance after having purchased it originally right at release....everything available for it then bounce off it when it appeared the core rulebook was missing key rules and such.  I found it to be a mess and my players were very discouraged.

I saw the Berlin edition of the core rulebook at my local FLGS and decided to see if this version of the book fixes all the problems and to maybe give the game a second chance. 

Did Catalyst succeed at fixing the issues and including all the needed rules this time? Are all the drones included now?

I believe they did. With the release of the Seattle and Berlin editions, errata was brought back into the the printings. Sixth World Companion has brought in all the optional rules for Metavariants, alternate styles of play, and some good "house rules". And we have the gun book (Firing Squad), cyber book (Body Shop), magic book (Street Wyrd), matrix book (Hack and Slash), rigger book (Double Clutch), and even a critter book (Wild Life) and a book for shapeshifters (Bestial Nature).

The updated core rulebooks fix missing and broken things.  If you had a problem with the rules as intended, though, you'll probably also want the Sixth World Companion to customize your game a bit.  It did a good job of addressing common complaints like "armor does nothing".
I have no idea if "all" the drones are included now, what a super vague question!

Michael Chandra:
A bit of context: We had 3 primary batches of errata, if I recall correctly. Day 1 errata, a batch later, and then the updated books added a third set. The original CRB printing had its problems, but the first batch already helped quite a bit. The city-editions have 3 batches of errata worked into them, and there's also the FAQ on the site, and the Companion for possible houserules (though I personally disagree with some, but hey, every table's different).


--- Quote from: MercilessMing on ---I have no idea if "all" the drones are included now, what a super vague question!

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The drone list in the Core book is not complete, just like weapons, spells, decking, etc., etc., etc., have all been expanded by other books.


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