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March 6th!

Falling Point!

Threats, Megacorps, and more!

Michael Chandra:
Looking forward to this, I want to brush up on my homework of threats to throw at unsuspecting players innocent individuals and another 10-Threats book will definitely help there.

Hope it's as good as Scotophobia  ;D

I see it up on Drivethrurpg.  I won't be able to download it until this evening, and read it I don't know when, but passing along the blurb and some info from the preview pages:


The Sixth World feels like it’s perpetually in the middle of slow-motion collapse, disaster after disaster threatening to bring parts or all of it down. So it’s critical to know what might push some of these disasters over the edge, turning slow motion into a full-on downward plunge.

Falling Point profiles ten people and organizations standing on a precipice. Sometimes they’re the ones who might go over the edge; other times they’re looking at someone else they can push. Either way, they’re going to play a significant role in unfolding events, so runners better know about them before they run into them in the shadows.

Falling Point is a threats sourcebook for Shadowrun, Sixth World."

From the Preview:

Table of Contents tells us who is covered:

Asintmah Alliance
Denver Data Haven
The French Touch
Humanis Policlub
Michael Bishop
The Tiding

The Jackpoint page always interests me!
-Street date: 22 Feb 2083
-"Incoming" section lists the following products:
-- Needle's Eye
-- Final Bets
-- Smooth Operators
- And in the news section: "Aztechnology trademarks 'Flesheez'; rumors describe it as artificial flesh for ghouls to eat." 

In the credits I notice that RJ Thomas (the new line developer) is not a writer nor editor, so one of the later books without his involvement, I'd guess (he's had writing credits in most of the recent books.)

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