Grey Mana Dermal Plating

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« on: <02-20-24/0716:23> »
I'm a bit confused as to which version is correct and which rules are correct.

Body Shop Grey Mana upgrade 0.1 ess per level and 10,000 per level for the upgrade to dermal armor.
Effect: Each rating point of Grey Mana armor grants one boosted spell defense die against any spell, power, or other magical effect that includes the user as a target.

Scotophobia Grey Mana upgrade 0.1 ess per level and 7,000 per level for the upgrade.
Effect: Dermal plating with GMT adds its rating to the user's Defense Rating against mana spells and critter powers that are resisted by Willpower, Logic, Intuition and Charisma. Half of the rating is also added to the dice pool on defense tests against mana spells and critter powers that benefit from the DR increase.

(Which mana spells are resisted or benefited by a users DR?)


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« Reply #1 on: <02-20-24/1023:54> »
They do seem to conflict, which is a pretty bad oversight.  However, the benefit of this game is that you can easily resolve this by saying they are both valid and represent competing products in the marketplace.

However, Body Shop did it better. It has a simple upside and a simple downside that uses an established mechanic, Boosted Defense.  The Scotophobia gear has added several new and tedious steps that are conditional, and you didn't even list them all.  In addition to the listed benefit of adding half its rating in defense test dice against mana spells and powers if the effect would also benefit from the augment's DR increase, it also has these conditions:

Each GMT cyber aug increases magical healing and Health spells threshold by 2.

Penalty to sustain a spell on someone with GMT cyber is increased to -3. Sustaining foci and Focused Concentration quality are not affected by this, so the casting magician may have to declare if they are using the quality to sustain a -3 spell.

After each GMT cyber aug is exposed to magic, any test using that augment must include a wild die.

Each GMT cyber aug's effectiveness lasts for 10 uses, or 6 months, or until a critical glitch.