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Latest Holostreets book under the Penumbra Collection, Life! in Style

Introducing the next stage in Shadowrun character growth for Sixth Edition. Making a lifestyle into something else, make it a Life! in style

 Life in Style is a new way to look at not only lifestyles in the Shadowrun universe, but a new way of looking at purchasing power and the tools of negotiation that come with it. With Life in Style, the idea of a Lifestyle is categorized into what we feel is a more approachable system in the long run while not requiring any major changes to a character.

Life! in Style is about how to really have something more than a bare existence, going run to run and nothing to show for it, but a credstick. This is how a character can move past simple spreadsheets and into something that is actually a functional part of the mechanics of Shadowrun . It's how to have a Bat Cave, Bolthole, and Caribbean Condo all at the same time.

Also included are the options to flush out alternative character archetypes, such as a Rocker, Private Investigator, or Bounty Hunter without having to redo the existing character.  Life in Style also does what the SIN system does not, separate travel from residency.

With the gamemasters permission of course.

This looks quite interesting...thanks!

Really the idea came about was that there was no context with the lifestyle on how it impacted the character's interaction with the world. Worse, if you had a luxury lifestyle as a starting character, you couldn't have afforded much else. a juxtaposition to the "Life" you should have.

This is also where we push the character Credit Rating. Add some purchasing power to the character without having specific cash on hand, which makes more sense for characters with higher lifestyles.

It adds to the flow of character while gaming.


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