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Are there any examples of magic tech beyond the dis stuff that feeds on essence and things that have been derived from such? I know there are mentions of portals being enchanted by mega corps but things that blue the line between tech and magic are a fun trope I enjoy.

Something I would expect to see more of is permanent Analyse Device spells on useful pieces of equipment.

One of the tenants of Shadowrun is the separation between Magic and technology. I've put variations of this type of technology that broke a lot of shadowrun rules, including teleportation tech, personal force shields, and phasing technology. It was done back in the 2e days, and looking back, it felt a little gimmicky, but at the the same time, it reflected the campaign I was running at the time.
A player was given a mcguffin that broke down and stored the basic elements of magic, which was given to him, by his father, post mortem. It included the research that explained the breakdown, capture, and storage of the "magic molecule". Every Corporation that new of its existence wanted the device, including the research lab that it originated from, which already made deals with Renraku... It was a fun cat and mouse campaign that broke all the magic-tech Shadowrun rules.

The whole Third Parallel campaign (6e campaign book set in Denver) is twined around manatech of various sorts.  Mostly not yet beyond the level weaponizing the ability to powerfully corrupt the astral, but people are starting to find ways to blend between the normal world, resonance, and magic.


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