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What is your favorite Insect Spirit?

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Magic is a fickle thing.

Controlling those arcane powers takes a lot of training, effort, or even just intuition and still things go wrong. But there are those shamans that embrace that wrongness and will strike deals with Insect Spirits just to gain more power or to solve a problem.

These beings are the reason for the ruin that is now Chicago. They are horribly dangerous, and will take over your body without a second thought. But they are fascinating beings, are they not?

So, even considering how... horrifying they are, what is your favorite insect spirit? Why? Are you a fan of the swarmers like Termite, Wasp, or Firefly Spirits? Maybe you think the weirdness and power of the solos like the Roach, Mantis, or Mosquito Spirit is more to your liking?

This is giving us the creepy crawlies, but definitely leave your answers in the comments!

Iíll go first: I do like the Mantises, and the fireflies deserve some weird love!

As a player: a disrupted one.

As a GM: It is so hard to choose a favourite!  Maybe my singular favourite was a Wasp Nymph, last survivor of a destroyed hive, who was the 'manic pixie dream girl' that was seducing a young mage (the PC's were investigating what was distracting this promising young mage who was supposed to be the meal ticket for his family).  We're used to telling stories of the bugs where there are hordes of them ready to come boiling out of the walls, but just having one singular spirit, cunning and cautious, was fun.

Michael Chandra:
Honestly I liked pulling out some Beetle Spirits in SR5: Tough enough to resist damage well, while their stats were low enough to not overwhelm players.

Interesting to see this being promoted on social media...curious to see what they announce tomorrow.


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