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Weird Summoning concept

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Not sure where this belongs, so I'm asking here.

Are there examples in the fluff/lore of metahumans, likely Awakened, being Summoned a la spirits either on Earth or from metaplanes?

Is it actually possible under RAW or RAI?

Not that I am aware of...

On Earth, that would almost be akin to teleportation... which is an unwritten "No -No" of SR magical Lore.

To a metaplane... well physical travel to the Astral and beyond IS possible, it requires the Gateway ability, which is generally limited to great form Spirits....
Awakened can undergo a ritual to reach the meraplanes. It's..... unpleasant (have to deal with The Watcher).

On THAT note; Nothing stops a Great Form Spirit from doing whatever it damn well pleases.

In Astral Ways there was a weird bit about The Hive (home metaplane of the Invae), that metahumans can inhabit invae there, much as invae inhabit metahumans on earth. 

That seemed to me to be a real change of the meta-physics of ShadowRun, so we'll see if that is carried on into the future or if that quietly gets dropped.

It's more about figuring out the actual metaplanes beyond where you go to initiate. The Hive and Dis are both planes that are more than a step away from our plane. And the Hive (and others) are foreign enough that simply being there isn't an option.

A summoning on a metahuman would likely come across as a weird obsession though, and surely be detectable by Assensing. Unless it affects the 'astral form' only. There's several shadowtalk/'fluff' examples of a spirit answering a summoning taking longer than expected, even when there's nothing like background count interfering.


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