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What is your Matrix avatar?

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The Matrix, AR, VR, it is all great stuff. Solid tech and it is great to use to find all of the bugs and crannies that the corpos tend to overlook.

But we also have to look cool when we are in there! Our avatars are just a part of our personalities, y'know? Do you take to the net as a cute little rabbit? Do you hop on as the badass video game character of your dreams? Maybe you are a walking billboard! The possibilities are endless!

Mine's always been a fit old dude with longish white hair and a short white beard. He wears jeans and a t-shirt, and carries around a large hammer.

Michael Chandra:
Honestly I like picking up AR/Simsense Vertigo, so my characters don't tend to have a proper avatar.

The ghost of Dunkelzahn, stylized a bit more like his plushie than his real self.  I didn't make it though, I ripped it off some artist and colorized it.

A pitch-black panther with glowing blue eyes. ;) At least for the moment...


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