What do you think of how the IP handles Legendary Runners?

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« on: <01-10-24/0111:25> »
Especially from the Old Guys in the Forums still
How do you think of how the IP handles your characters?

How do us Randos feel about how some characters are used?


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« Reply #1 on: <01-10-24/0702:06> »
Do you mean the fictional legendary characters (Harlequinn, Fastjack, etc.) or how they handle powerful PCs?


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« Reply #2 on: <01-11-24/1944:09> »
For me, the 'Primes' of SR have never been more than commentators in the books, that in turn, give the books and game their unique feel.

As for novels, well, I have read so few of them, and the ones I did read never followed any of the big names anyways.

Of course, I've also hopped off the edition climb, and have settled into 3e.... so factor that in too.
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« Reply #3 on: <01-12-24/0853:01> »
I'd be interested in see an updated (or new) version of the Prime Runner book they released back fro 2e (and 4e?). Stats aren't as important as the background/motivations of the key movers and shakers in the setting.