[SR3, SR4A] Martial Arts

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I was just reading the Cannon Companion's treatment of Martial Arts.  Now my question is this: is there a system for Martial Arts in SR4A?  I know that the Adept rules are supposed to handle Martial Arts, but the world of Martial Arts are varied.  I'm a martial artist myself, and I practice Karate.  But there are several styles of Martial Arts, so the Cannon Companion includes a system for creating your own Martial Arts.

Can I adapt the 3rd edition rules to 4th edition?

Oh, I forgot this belongs in the Previous Editions forum.  If someone could move this, I'd be grateful.
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I believe 4e runner companion had various martial arts styles, but nothing like 5e martial arts or 3e fir that matter.

I know there was an official document of how to upgrade characters from 3e to 4e, that could help you convert the martial arts styles....

But also keep in mind 3e and 4e are, at their core, different animals. 3e has more in common with 5e than it does 4e.
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