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I know there used to be a place where the official results of the Missions were posted and how they would affect the upcoming Missions. Is there such a place currently?

Not currently. Right now, most Shadowrun Missions aren't affecting future missions.

Heyo chummer!

So I am the SRM line developer. Are you referring to the Seattle missions or one of the past seasons of missions? Typically, we put the results of the missions in the SRM Missions Guide when there are things that are world changing. As FastJack said, most individual missions don't have really an outcome that we are tracking as having a wider reach. So here are the ones that I have on the top of my head...

*** SPOILERS ***

Season 8: Chicago survives.
Season 9: Inagawa-kai win.
Season 10: Most of this was in support of later plots. The Neo-Tokyo Twilight CMP set covers the remainder of the Neo-Tokyo storyline.
Season 2081: The head of the Octagon triad is taken out. OmniStar sticks it to Ares in Seattle. The Shadow Chapters union survives, but is kicked out of Seattle.

Was thinking of past seasons; specifically, 9 and 10.


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