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The Matrix and Decking


So a decker can come on a run but still stay in the Safe House, assuming that the obstacle is not in a closed network or whatever.

But what does that really mean?

I see, that the challenge cannot target a remote decker in the safe house. I see that the decker cannot contribute other skills or attributes. What does that mean? Can they contribute decking but no other skill, or not even decking? Does attributes mean they can't use their attack value on the run, is that an attribute? If they can't contribute attack or skills, and only programs (which appear to be able to be used at any time), what can a decker really do on a run when in the safe house?

Also, I see that Armored Skin gives +2 decking skill while being attacked or attacking over the Matrix. Does that mean it only works for a runner in the safe house while on a run or when using Black Hammer to attack another decker? And what's the point of having +2 decking only while attacking? It's like a program that can let you run one more program but only while your decker in in combat over the Matrix. Or am I missing something and the decking skill does something more?

So it sounds like looking at the old TCG rules that Deckers really do only contribute programs from the safe house.

Likewise the only way to do Matrix combat is with Black Hammer, meaning Armored Skin only synergizes with that program. I feel this is dumb because I feel that deckers should be able to contribute in some way over the Matrix on a run without using programs. It'd also make decks and the decking skill more useful if it added attacking rating or something. Makes some sense, like the decker hacked a turret or car or something. Or have it act as armor to show they're messing with the opposition.

Anyway, here are the sources.

TCG Rules

--- Quote ---Unless otherwise noted, a Decker uses Programs to assist or affect a shadowrun in progress without leaving the safehouse. Because the Decker remains in the safehouse, he cannot be attacked by Challenges.
--- End quote ---


--- Quote ---If a Decker is assisting a shadowrun from the safehouse, can his skills be used to help the shadowrunning team sleaze Challenges?

No. A Runner must be present for his skills to count toward sleazing Challenges. He can still assist the runners by using programs (like, Crash, Redirect Datarail, & Sleaze, against Electrical Challenges, etc.).
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---If the decker is assisting a run from the safehouse, as above, is his group hampered by his 'Anti-Social' trait (assuming he has one)?

No. The key word in the description of Anti-Social is 'present.' The decker is not present on the run, if he's in the safehouse (but he still counts against the 6 maximum participants).
--- End quote ---

--- Quote ---RUNNERS "PRESENT"
We seem to have a lot of questions on the list regarding turned runners and the definition of 'present.' Could you expand on what present means?

Concerning present: I recently saw an interesting re-wording of 'present' on the SRCard list. I think it was posted by Matb. It's a good working definition that we may hone further (my thanks to him for posting it):

* On a shadowrun: All runners and revealed challenges are considered present to each other.

* In Runner-on-Runner combat: All attacking and defending runners on both sides are present to each other. Note: I would add to this that no other runners are present in this situation. Only the combatants are present. It's implied already, but I want to be clear.
* At a location or contact: Multiple runners who visit the same location are present with each other. Runners are present at the last location or contact they visit on a turn. Runners 'return' from the location during their owner's next Refresh Phase (i.e. when they unturn).
* In the safehouse: This includes all turned and unturned runners not present elsewhere.
--- End quote ---


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