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There is an NPC example of a lizard changeling in SR4 or SR3, correct?

I wanted to do a lizard changeling as a contact for my players for a future run.  One where his dormant lizard genes expressed themselves as a recent SURGE.  I asked this before, but I wanted to ask again since it's been a long while.  I figured he would be a Saeder-Krupp contact.  Note, he's not a T'skrang from Earthdawn.  Something like this:

Quality Selection.
Looks like SURGE II according to the Runner's Companion (SR4).
Dermal Alteration: Dragon Skin, Balance tail, Low-light vision (possibly).

What do you think?  Will accept both SR3 and SR4 help.

Apparently I found the old "Lizard Changeling" thread I posted here on these forums.  I'm glad people were willing to help!  ;D

Thanks everyone for your help then.  I did manage to buy Artifacts Unbound for SR4A, and apparently I forgot about Simon Andrews until yesterday.  I can use him as a template for my own contact, thanks!

Michael Chandra:
I was wondering if you meant Simon but didn't have time to search for his SR4A stuff. He's fun to use as writer. Glad you found what you needed!

Yeah. I'm glad too.


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