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[SR4A] The Party in Aztechnology


Yes, I still run SR4A.

Ahem, the party was preparing a birthday party to be held in Aztechnology.  The group separated, half went to the mainframe while the other half attended the party.  The party was Jane Austen themed.  While the party went on, the group's technomancer hacked into Aztechnology mainframe.  The mission goal was this: to get the company tax records to make sure they were filed correctly.  The secondary aim is simple: the Vories sent their own Shadowrunners to hack into Aztechnology.  However, their hacker's brain was fried.  So Aztechnology was hiding something valuable.

While the sys admin for the mainframe was an orc who was dressed and made up like a Goth, Magpie (the party's technomancer) hacked into the mainframe remotely.  She didn't want to disturb the orc goth.  When Magpie hacked into the system, two hackers from Renraku attacked the Virtual Aztechnology pyramid -- this was after Mags spoofed the Access IC to gain access.

The system's Black IC responded to the two intruders, manifesting as a feathered serpent. While the feathered serpent IC was swallowing one of the Renraku  hackers, Magpie slipped by and managed to find the records room.  She found there were ten file cabinets.  Two of them had IC attached to them -- one a Data Bomb (that the file cabinet marked Projects), and another a tar baby (that was the file cabinet marked Accounting).

Magpie managed to trick both IC and copied the files in both cabinets.  Meanwhile, the party was getting into full swing when the lights shut off.  When they came back on one of the party goers was found dead.  The party's muscle and doctor -- a minotaur troll named Icarus -- found that the dead guy was killed by Cyanide.  He was an elf who was in charge of the computer systems on the third floor.

After the session, one of the players said I made the session good this time with twists and turns. I was clearly in the Zone for that night.  Also new plans: the players might have to do some sleuthing to find out who killed the party goer.  I have 3 players right now, and they had a blast.


This sounds really fun! SR4A FTW!


--- Quote from: adambeyoncelowe on ---This sounds really fun! SR4A FTW!

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Glad you enjoyed it.


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