[Core] Enhanced Articulation

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Wu Jen

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« on: <11-13-23/0916:02> »
Is it supposed to give you +1 Agi? It just seems way too cheap for 0.2 essence and 30,000.

edit: And slightly used? Enhanced Articulation for 0.22 essence and 15,000?

If so it has to be one of the best investments you can make at Ess/Nuyen per Augmented point cost.
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« Reply #1 on: <11-13-23/1807:31> »
Yep, a +1 bump.... With no levels, so there's no Enhanced Articulation +2, +3, etc.

Michael Chandra

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« Reply #2 on: <11-14-23/0143:07> »
Because it doesn't stack with other ware. So it's a single +1 Agility, but won't stack with Muscle Toner or Muscle Replacement. Of course it's a bit silly that it's cheaper than Muscle Toner 1, while it gives a better benefit, but it's only worth it if you only got for +1 Agi.

As for slightly used: That's where the Body Shop rule change comes in, where Used ware is replaced and now suddenly that 50% nuyen discount also comes at the risk of cancer and Bad Luck.
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« Reply #3 on: <11-14-23/0926:30> »
Yeah, Used grade augments aren't as great as they used to be before Body Shop.  Bad Luck, easy to jam, easy to break - buyer beware! 
All my characters nowadays have Bad Luck and Silver Lining qualities because glitches are fun, so that softens the harshness of the added penalty.  But I think most players will be (should be?) scared off by the negatives.

Bioware also can't benefit from Cyberware Overdrive, which is a great mechanic that gives chrome an edge.