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SRM Guide 1.9 released


Hey chummers,

We have released SRM Guide 1.9 for your viewing pleasure. This is another big one which includes a bunch of new books: Astral Ways, Bestial Nature, Body Shop, Lifestyles of the Shadowy & Infamous, Shadow Cast, Shoot Straight, and Whisper Nets. We've also got some clarifications based on frequently asked questions from conventions and from Shadowrun Missions Online. We answered questions about assisting others, action types, Matrix action specializations, and some additional items from Hack and Slash.

Stay safe in the shadows

FYI, all the links in the PDF are broken.

Works for me now


--- Quote from: MercilessMing on ---Works for me now

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The links INSIDE the PDF?

I will take a look at this and make sure. I know that some of the links from Word doc has been problematic in the past.


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